Fox News Employee Caught on Hot Mic

As Fox News prepared to air the White House’s Sunday press conference, an employee for the news station accidentally let out an out-of-frame hot-mic “Ah, sh*t.”

Hot Mic Catches a Fox Employee Snafu

After the announcement from a female employee saying “Yes, we have the president here,” a male employee echoed the sentiment.

The person whose voice could be heard saying the expletive is unknown.

At the September 27 press conference, President Donald Trump remarked about his nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett the Supreme Court.

Trump Talks Supreme Court

“Yesterday, I was very proud to nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court. She is one of our nation’s most brilliant legal minds, and I think she’ll do very well. We’re moving along very quickly. Tremendous unity in the Republican Party. It’s the consequence of winning elections, which we did very substantially, both in the Senate and obviously in the White House,” the president said.

He continued to say that his administration is working very hard on taking back the House so that his America first agenda can be accomplished the next four years if re-elected.

“And I think we’re going to take back the House; I believe that very strongly. Kevin is doing a fantastic job. And I really believe we’re going to take back the House, and we’re all working very hard on that,” he added.

Democrats Fighting Back Hard

Democrats are seething at the possibility of having ACB nominated and have demanded that the confirmation occurs only after the election results.

“Twenty-nine Supreme Court vacancies have occurred during an election year or before an inauguration. In every single instance, going back to George Washington, the President has performed his constitutional duty and nominated a justice. And in almost every one of these cases over the past 230 years where the President and the Senate were the same party, the justice — as you know, that justice was confirmed,” President Trump explained.

If the lead up to the 2020 election could be condensed into a couple of words, it very well could be “ah, sh*t.”

  1. Trump is doing a great job and the Democrats suck at what they have been doing and they have accomplished nothing! Obama and Biden handed Trump a nightmare and the BS about them handing Trump a great economy is a lie! Now Trump has accomplished miracles and the Democrats have been trying to steal credit for it. Biden is a crook, so was Obama!

  2. I am waiting to see Trump win BOTH the Electoral College and the POPULAR VOTE along with majorities in both houses! Why not? – miracles do happen!

    The left has so messed up, maligned, obfuscating all the reporting, rationality, honesty and polling in this never before seen desire to self destruct in an election –

  3. Truly a pity that no one takes these ill mannered punks out to the parking lot and beats them senseless! It would be so much fun to teach these scum manners!

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