Kimberly Klacik

GOP House Candidate Kimberly Klacik Fires Back at Liberal Media Nonsense

Kimberly Klacik, Republican congressional candidate from Maryland, gave a fiery response to the liberal media, her critics, and online trolls for comments made about her endorsement from President Trump.

President Trump recently endorsed Klacik in a Twitter post, citing her plans to help Baltimore:


Klacik responded in a tweet, stating: “My favorite part about getting Trump’s endorsement is reading the comments claiming Trump only did it because I am black…as if we didn’t spend 3 weeks watching modern day overseer @JoeBiden play Duck Duck Goose w/three black women to pick a VP solely based on complexion.”

In her tweet, she refers to Joe Biden‘s game of picking a VP, where he boxed himself into a corner when he promised to pick a black female. Instead of focusing on qualifications, Democrats seem to always focus on immutable characteristics.

Kimberly Klacik understands that about Democrats, as she’s shown throughout her short time in the spotlight. She has seen it first hand, with the responses that she’s gotten from race-focused Democrats on Twitter.

“Lol your a joke Tap dancing for the Republicans Turn in your black card,” one Twitter user said.

Another chose to use a blatantly racist term that Democrats often call black conservatives, commenting on her post: “coons 4 trump.”

Many in the media and on the left referred to Klacik and other speakers at the recent Republican National Convention as “tokens” being used by the Republican party solely to try to prove they’re not racist.

Democrats always say that we need to lift up minority voices, but they shut down any minority who speaks about something that they disagree with. The left and the media attempted to do this to Klacik when her campaign ad went viral, exposing their inability to lead Baltimore.

Klacik’s Recent Popularity Boost

After her campaign ad received millions of views, Klacik became a regular guest on conservative news channels, and a regular target of the left.

Her viral ad featured her walking through the run-down, dilapidated city of Baltimore, talking about how decades of Democrat leadership and Democrat policies have turned the city into a cesspool of crime and boarded up buildings.

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