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Biden Indictment BOMBSHELL

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-OH) just rocked Joe Biden’s world.

Turner recently did an interview commenting on the classified documents that were found in the possession of Joe Biden.

According to Turner, Biden should be indicted if we use the same measuring stick that was used to indict Trump.

Fair is Fair

When Turner was asked if he thought the two cases were equal in nature, he did not hesitate to say yes.

Turner responded, “Well, when you look at the documents, both the classification level and the subject matter, both sides, Trump and Biden’s documents, if they had been released in the public or gotten into the hands of nefarious parties, would be damaging to the United States national security.

“When I look at those documents, there are documents on both sides, equally egregious, that would have negative consequences to our means, methods, techniques and- and our allies.

“Now, in this instance, I think President Biden needs the same consequences that they pursue with President Trump. The actions are the same.”

Turner continued, “You’re continuing to see the inequality that comes out of the Justice Department.

“As there’s silence on the other side with respect to Biden’s- and by the way, he was a serial classified document hoarder.

“I reviewed documents that were from all the time that he’s been in government.

“This really is a very serious breach by President Biden.”

Turner was then asked if he saw evidence of a crime, to which he responded, “I have seen evidence of the fact that classified documents of some of the highest levels have been mishandled by President Biden.”

I agree…

If they are going to use one measuring stick for justice, there is simply no way Joe Biden should be able to avoid an indictment here.

Source: Daily Wire

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