House RINOs Push Amnesty for Illegals

RINOs in the House of Representatives are attempting to pass a large-scale amnesty bill for illegal immigrants. Florida Republican Maria Elvira Salazar claims that the legislation she has introduced, called the “Dignity Act,” is meant to secure the border and support American workers. In fact, the bill would damage border security efforts and put Americans out of work by enacting amnesty on a massive scale for illegal immigrants.

Republican proposes amnesty bill

The Dignity Act employs some tough language about protecting the rule of law and securing the southern border to distract from the fact that it is, ultimately, an amnesty bill.

The legislation would call for the hiring of several thousand new border patrol agents and implement E-Verify nationwide to stop companies from hiring illegal immigrants.

The problem with this is that many of those illegal immigrants would not be illegal anymore under this same bill, which might offer legal status to millions of people.

The bill purports to have a plan to ensure that American taxpayers don’t pay for this amnesty and that it actually ends up benefitting American workers, but these merely serve to obscure the reality of the proposition.

Programs to train workers and have illegals pay their own way are long-term ideas that may or may not produce any positive results. Amnesty is an immediate and irreversible action.

The only guarantee in Salazar’s legislation is that it implements amnesty on a large scale. Everything else that is included in the bill must be seen as purely hypothetical.

Competition for American workers

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced its wholehearted support for the Dignity Act, an endorsement which might indicate who would benefit from its being passed.

An influx of illegal immigrants who are suddenly allowed to work legally would have immediate and noticeable repercussions for  American workers.

Despite Biden’s claims to the contrary, the U.S. economy has not recovered from the pandemic. Millions of Americans are underemployed and wages are not keeping up with rising inflation.

Introducing large numbers of new workers into this situation may be good for the Chamber of Commerce, but for Americans who are hoping for better pay and working conditions, the results would be disastrous.

As even Bernie Sanders has at times acknowledged, inviting large numbers of foreigners to perform unskilled work in the United States drives down wages and puts impoverished Americans out of work.

Most Democrats now are simply more interested in opening the border than in helping economically struggling citizens, but Republicans should have no justification for offering mass amnesty like this.

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