CIA Director SHOCKER… ‘No Regrets’

Former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense under Barack Obama, Leon Panetta, recently went on Fox News to spew some lies.

Panetta also served as the Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton, so he is a longtime Democrat retread.

The icing on the cake for him is that he was one of the signatures on the letter to the media that said the Hunter Biden laptop was likely Russian disinformation.

More Lies

Panetta was doing a segment with Bret Baier about the recent Hamas attack.

As they were closing out the segment, Baier still had a few seconds to kill, so he asked Panetta if he had any regrets about signing the letter about Russian disinformation, now knowing the laptop was real.

Panetta’s answer was pathetic, finishing up by saying he had yet to see any intelligence that would confirm the laptop was authentic.

Looking at his face when he said it, he was clearly struggling not to laugh, which he ended up doing when Baier challenged him, stating that Hunter had already admitted that the laptop was his.

Here is the exchange, but really pay attention to the body language and facial expressions of Panetta…

You know why he does not regret what he did?

Because he and everyone else who signed that letter had only one thing in mind when they signed it, and that was to stop the bad orange man.

They succeeded, so why would he regret what he set out to do?

It is garbage like Panetta why people no longer trust our government.

Source: PJ Media

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