Breaking: Update on Bombing

On Tuesday evening, October 17, some shocking news hit the headlines. It had been reported that a missile struck the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza and exploded, resulting in the death of hundreds of innocent lives.

The Islamic Jihad terror group and western media quickly blamed Israel for the incident.

However, it now appears that this was fake news and that a missile did not hit the hospital but rather a parking lot nearby. This comes ten days after 1,300 Jews were massacred by Hamas.

In response to these claims, Israeli officials quickly began refuting them by providing evidence that an Islamic Jihad missile had been fired from close by and exploded at 18:59 – the same moment as when the hospital was struck.

Alex Jones went on The War Room on Wednesday morning and stated correctly that it was a Palestinian missile that struck the parking lot, not the hospital itself. Israeli officials immediately began refuting these initial reports too.

The Israel Defense Forces also released raw footage of a rocket aimed at Israel which misfired and caused the explosion near the hospital.

For added confirmation, audio recordings were released which contained conversations between Hamas operatives discussing their failed launch attempt towards Israel.


The anti-Israel mainstream media has yet to apologize for its false reporting about this incident or retract any statements made as a result of such false news coverage.

This is indicative of how difficult it is to trust information coming out of certain outlets who have been known to be biased against Israel in their reporting on situations like this one. It will be interesting to see if they take responsibility for this misreporting or continue pretending like nothing happened despite all the evidence proving otherwise.

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