Man Digs a Hole in His Basement, Discovers Bone Chilling Secret Lurking For Decades

Back in the 1960s, Korean War veteran, George Carroll, mysteriously vanished from Long Island, New York, leaving behind his entire family with unanswered questions. And his son, 57-year-old Michael Carroll always held onto the suspicion that his mother Dorothy had been hiding something about the incident.

After decades of searching for clues and listening to rumors about what might have happened to his father’s remains being buried on their family home’s basement, Michael finally hired a company with ground-penetrating radar equipment to investigate.

What they found on October 30th 2018 sent chills up Michael’s spine: human skeletal remains.

The police examined the bones and noted that the skull had signs of blunt-force trauma which could indicate murder or fractures after death. The jury is still out on this one as there might not be enough DNA present for an absolute match but Michael has a hunch that it is indeed his long lost father.

He believes Richard Darress who Dorothy married after George went missing may have been responsible for this “almost perfect crime” which he was never supposed to unravel.

Both Dorothy and Richard are now six feet under so it looks like we will never really know what actually happened unless there is enough evidence present in those skeletal remains for a DNA match, something Michael is eagerly waiting on pins and needles to find out.

Michael and his siblings had always wanted answers regarding their dad’s disappearance but all their mom would say is “Don’t ask – It’s not important” which left them even more curious than before.

Now they may finally get some closure if those remains turn out to be George Carroll as expected by Michael based on intuition alone.

He thanks psychics and ghost hunters he has worked with over the years saying without them he wouldn’t have been able to make such a spine-chilling discovery underneath his childhood home.

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