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More Alarming Rhetoric Emerges from the White House

As if Victoria Nuland’s statements regarding biological research labs in Ukraine were not concerning enough, the US government has since released a number of extremely worrying statements. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and other federal officials have claimed that Russia is likely to stage “false flag” attacks with biological weapons in Ukraine, while the Russians are accusing the United States of planning the same thing.

White House claims “false flag” attack is coming

This is all very concerning because we know that no one at all in this situation deserves to be trusted, but both sides are insisting that something is likely to happen.

Nuland’s response to a direct question about biological weapons in Ukraine was anything but a denial; she instead heavily implied that something very bad might emerge from those labs.

The State Department and the Pentagon, along with Psaki, have since adamantly denied that the United States has any biological or chemical weapons.

Psaki and others then went on to announce that biological weapons (which definitely aren’t ours) may or may not be unleashed in Ukraine, but if they are then the Russians are definitely to blame.

There are questions that really need to be asked here, but anyone who asks them will inevitably be dismissed as a shill spreading disinformation for the Kremlin.

If there are any serious journalists left in Washington DC they should be asking Psaki and the rest why the world should uncritically believe all of this given this government’s (and this administration’s) record of lying about this sort of thing.

Who’s worth trusting?

A few months ago the Pentagon bombed an innocent family in Kabul and then lied about it for weeks afterward, claiming that it had killed an ISIS terrorist until confronted with undeniable proof to the contrary.

Iraq was supposedly invaded because Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. This is very different, because both sides in this conflict say that there really are weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine.

Russia claims that it has proof that the United States was funding Ukrainian labs developing biological weapons and it has called for a United Nations Security Council meeting to address these claims.

Realistically, every major power has chemical and biological weapons. The United States having biological weapons would hardly be a scandal in itself.

What  would be shocking is the presence of weapons in Ukrainian labs funded by the United States. That would, of course, require evidence to be provided by someone other than the Russian government.

Whatever the source of the weapons claimed by the White House to be in Ukraine, their use would benefit no one in this conflict or in the world at large. Let’s hope no one is planning to do anything that stupid.

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