Democrat DA’s Husband Arrested for Arson….AGAIN

The husband of Denver, Colorado District Attorney, Democrat Beth McCann pleaded guilty to felony and misdemeanor charges of arson, and his sentence was deferred. It’s yet another case in a Democrat-run state where we see that it really does matter ‘who you know’. Christopher Linsmayer, 69 ran afoul of the law after he set multiple rubbish fires near the McCann-Linsmayer property and left them unattended during one of the worst wildfire seasons on record. The property outside of Kremmling, CO is situated in a wooded area. And this isn’t the first time either.

Mr. Linsmayer will be sentenced to Ninety-days in jail and has promised not to set any more open fires on his land. Since his sentence is deferred his case will be dismissed if he successfully completes two years of probation. This is a highly unusual ruling, especially for a potential repeat offender.

A Repeat Arson Offender

Sky-Hi News reported that Linsmayer was previously suspected of unintentionally starting a 10-acre wildfire near Kremmling in September 2016, and violating a burn ordinance again in November, making the October 2020 incident his third offense.

The 10-acre Gore Ridge or Gorewood fire as it came to be known as was the worst of them and endangered a dozen homes caused evacuations and required the deployment of fire crews and aircraft to contain and extinguish.

 The Denver Post spoke Linsmayer’s attorney Jack DiCola,

“Deputies with the Grand County Sheriff’s Office discovered the burning slash piles on the property on Oct. 27 after someone called to report a possible fire. DiCola said Linsmayer started the fires that Sunday, while there was about a foot of snow on the ground. He checked the fires Monday and they appeared to be extinguished, DiCola said.”

“No smoke, no steam, nothing,” DiCola said.

“But by Tuesday, the blazes had reignited. Firefighters used hand tools and shovels to put out the fires after they were called to the home, and investigators later discovered that Linsmayer had left that morning. No property was damaged and no one was injured.”

“The bottom line is that he really does take full responsibility,” DiCola said of Linsmayer. “He thought the fires were out and they weren’t. And it’s his fault, period, end of story.”

While Mr. Linsmayer’s acceptance of responsibility for the incident is laudable, wouldn’t the repeat nature of the offense have called for him to spend ninety days in jail?

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