Biden Brings a Butter Knife to an Iranian Gunfight

While some may view the recent U.S. airstrikes in Syria against an Iranian-aligned target as a positive turning point for President Joe Biden, we need to take a step back and remember that he’s a Democrat…

Which means that nothing will be held to a higher priority for Biden than reviving former President Obama’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

With this in mind, the airstrikes no longer hold any value.

Colonel Joe Buccino confirmed the operation, stating that the U.S. “targeted infrastructure facilities used by groups affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps,” he said, adding that the strikes were a “proportionate, deliberate action intended to limit the risk of escalation and minimize the risk of casualties.”

Put simply, this is equivalent to arresting street drug dealers and letting the kingpins walk freely.

Back in the 90s, this tactic was labelled “cruise-missile diplomacy”, which can be defined as making a point but not risking further escalation.

Which is exactly why no senior Iranian officers were targeted, meanwhile only 10 militia fighters became the casualties.

Apparently the strike comes in reaction to a series of drone attacks on the U.S. base in Tanf, which is essential for monitoring Iranian weapon shipments as well as aiding local fighters in the battle against remnants of the Islamic State.

From this perspective, Biden’s airstrike is viewed as incredibly weak.

In fact, Iran International reported last week that Malley’s request for a commitment to end attacks on U.S. citizens was rejected by Iran.

And to this we say: read the room – Iranians don’t want a deal with the U.S., they’d prefer us dead.



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