Beauty Queens Sue Pageant For Picking Contestants Based On Beauty…

Back in the days when America was Great, beauty contests were common, with each local, state, national and global pageant primarily based on beauty. In today’s new and improved Democrat global idiocracy the judges get sued for using that as a criteria. This particular progressive insanity happened in France but thanks to the New World Order, the concept will be creeping across the globe’s freshly erased borders.

Pageant contest no beauty

Of course there is more to beauty pageant judging than the swim-suit competition. They have to sit through essays on ways to bring world peace, baton twirling exhibitions, and California models who admit they don’t know what “euthanasia” means other than “I do know that’s a vaccine.”

A born Democrat if there ever was one. She’ll be standing in line for a jab and the problem will solve itself.

After resisting all the free tail that gets wagged under their noses, for the general reason that most of the judges are more interested in men, pageant officials award points for talent, deportment, and things like “if a contestant is well-spoken or talented or if they can think quickly and under pressure.”

The audience is there for the eye candy. That’s what drives the ratings and makes the money flow.

In ultra-civilized and uber-progressive Paris, the pageant judges got sued for “keeping an eye on what a contestant looks like.”

They unspeakably tried to select “contestants based on appearances.” When they win in court, those sorts of contests will disappear. Just like Photo Hut, phone booths and the American flag.

representation of beauty

Three former candidates for Miss France, sour over the fact they weren’t pretty enough to win, “allege that the pageant uses discriminatory practices by picking contestants based on the ‘representation of beauty.'” That’s like suing the water company because the water is wet.

“There are also requirements in place like a minimum height of 5’ 5″, no tattoos, no piercings other than ears, plus entrants need to be single, have never married, and to not have children.” How ghastly. They can’t even “change their hair or gain weight.”

Of course the three instigators hide behind a mask of anonymity but they teamed up with “French feminist group Osez Le Feminisme, which translates to Dare To Be Feminist.”

The daughters of Sappho targeted the pageant by filing “their complaint against the Miss France company and Endemol Productions, who are behind the annual TV broadcast.” The deepest pockets they could find. The paperwork “alleges that Miss France is a vehicle for sexist values.”

They rely on liberal statutes to declare the pageant rules illegal, “since French labor law forbids companies from discrimination based on morals, age, family status or physical appearance.” Even a beauty contest. It’s the inner beauty that counts. Tell that to the drooling males in the audience who are only there to watch the swim suit contest.

They won’t buy a ticket to an ugly contest, or spend any money. The ugly winner won’t sell much product and the whole industry will soon be out of business in the name of socialist fairness. Everyone forgets that with Socialism, the only place for everything to even out is at zero.

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