Kari Lake Receives Big Win In Court!

Kari Lake is proving that if you keep pushing for the truth, victory will come your way. It’s safe to say the former Arizona gubernatorial candidate has had a major uphill battle against the corrupt government system of the state. But nothing seems to deter the firebrand from seeking justice for the citizens of Arizona.

While the legal contest over the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election has proven to be an uphill climb for Lake to be vindicated in the courts, the Arizona Republican hasn’t backed down from doing just that. Her patience and unwavering conviction have now been at least partly rewarded. According to John Solomon’s Just the News, a Superior Court judge in Maricopa County has decided not to dismiss her legal team’s request to access ballot affidavit envelopes. 

This turns the tables on Maricopa County, which will now have to defend its claim that the release of these records would violate privacy interests. 

Maricopa County argued that Lake was not entitled to receive any ballot affidavit signatures under state law due to it being a voter registration record. However, the judge, John Hannah, refuted this claim. The judge ruled that the court was “not required to defer to the elections officials in how they have historically interpreted” the law. 

Hannah explained his view: “I am not convinced that the ballot affidavit is a voter registration record…It is a record from which the election officials derive information that becomes part of the voter registration record, but that doesn’t mean the ballot affidavit itself is a voter registration record.”

Judge Hannah’s ruling means that Lake has the potential to convince a court to address the malfeasances of the 2022 gubernatorial election. Examples of such malfeasances are the voting machine errors occurring in at least 60 percent of voting centers stationed in predominately conservative areas. Lake contends that such errors in the machines disenfranchised thousands of Republican voters, and were meaningful enough to swing the election to her Democratic opponent.

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