After Minimal Support, Joe Biden Now Hints that He Will Not Accept Election Results

Joe Biden can’t get anyone to attend his events but he’s amazingly ahead in all the polls, at least the ones reported by the corrupt network news. He’s finally out of the basement and admits he won’t accept the election results if they show his defeat. Conservatives see the mirror image, that what he’s really trying to do is make his planned illegal overthrow of the government have some semblance of legitimacy.

Refuse to accept the results

The liberal left have one last dirty trick up their sleeve to save their precious swamp of corruption. If anything manages to go wrong with their scheme to pack the mail-in ballots with extra votes for Biden while rerouting Trump ballots to the landfill, they have a backup plan. Refuse to accept the results. Two can play that game so the patriot forces are standing back and standing by to play “Patriots and Antifa” like we used to play cops and robbers back when America was great, only with real weapons this time.

Joe Biden sounds convinced when he says that “the only way he would lose is through vote tampering,” and he wasn’t just smoking Kamala’s weed again. Things got a little creepy when Joe told the 3 or 4 people who showed up to meet his bus in Eerie, Pennsylvania, that he believes he will only lose to Donald Trump through “chicanery,” meaning that theirs failed. When the landslide comes down for Trump, Biden will simply ignore the results, as Hillary Clinton told him to. She knew the fix was in weeks ago.


“Make sure to vote because the only way we lose this is by the chicanery going on relative to polling places.” That was directed at the officially designated “poll watchers” there to stand by and look for suspicious activity like a bus full of registered Democrats with no ID suddenly popping into the parking lot. It has become crystal clear at this point that neither side is going to accept the results in November, so now is the time to start sharpening your pitchforks and beating your plowshares into swords.

Trump already said the same thing

When asked on the debate stage recently if he would accept the results of the election if they showed he lost, President Donald Trump made conservatives proud when he said the equivalent of “Hell no.” He made it clear that he knows as much about Biden’s ballot packing scheme as he does about the plot to pack the Supreme Court, which Biden wouldn’t talk about. The Commander in Chief really whipped out his Willie and urinated on the liberal agenda when he picked the name of a right-wing patriot group at random to tell the Proud Boys and every other patriot group from the state militias, to the Three Percenters and the Oath Keepers to the extreme-right (and even more extremely unstable) Boogaloo Boys, “stand back, and stand by.” They are. For now. They’re trying real hard to chill but the ice of that big igloo is melting fast in the heat of this summer’s riots.


The liberal even waffled on his position before Biden Bus One rolled across the state lines on his way out of town. When Biden was challenged about his remarks by reporters, he told them his comments were “taken a little out of context. I’m going to accept the outcome of this election, period.” At least, that’s what he was told to say about the results for now.

Election experts, mostly the liberal ones, “have been on edge about the process, given chaos and legal challenges during primary elections held amid the outbreak of the coronavirus.” The conservatives have already decided to keep President Donald Trump in the White House for another full term no matter what the results show, even if they have to battle Democrats in the streets to do it. This scuffle has been brewing since long before President Trump came along. If even he can’t turn the tide of corruption in government, by winning two elections in a row rigged heavily against him, then it’s time for the people to do their constitutional duty to help him out and restore the rule of law.

  1. Trump will win by a landslide even with all of the voter fraud from the Democrats. Did you ever talk to a Democrat who hates Trump, they are just plain crazy or very uninformed. Most of the higher ups in the Democrat party have lined their pockets with the taxpayers money and know if Trump wins his second term some will be going to prison. So the Republicans and the good people of America should lock and load as the Democrats for sure are not going to accept the results of the election. If they come to my town and start tearing the town up they may leave in a box.

  2. “Win, lose, or draw,” right Joe? Just like the inquisitor from the White House “press corps” demanded of the President, right? Project much?

  3. Joe biden already admitted to rigging elections, and spoke of it proudly, and implicated the US Media was all involved in it.

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