ALERT: They Are Physically Attacking Fraud Whistleblowers

Patriotic attorney Sidney Powell is sounding the alert on Democrat witness intimidation techniques. Witnesses who came forward to blow the whistle on extensive election fraud are being threatened and physically attacked.

Lawyer sounds alert on liberal intimidation

Attorney Sidney Powell, who recently represented retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn in his fight over entrapment by the FBI, is also going to the mat to fight for President Donald Trump. In parallel with the Trump legal team spearheaded by Rudy Giuliani, Powell is investigating stunning election fraud claims of her own.

Now she has been forced to alert the public that witnesses are being threatened and assaulted in a desperate attempt to keep them, and many others like them, quiet.

Democrats don’t like whistleblowers, Powell asserts, “they only like liars who claim they’re whistleblowers.” Anyone who comes forward to tell the truth is forced to live a life on high alert.

“There have been all kinds of repercussions against people who have come forward to tell the truth,” she told Sean Hannity.

Ms. Powell has been piling up a huge stack of affidavits, which are sworn witness statements, which detail insidious and extensive election fraud.

She already sounded the alert that the evidence she already has strongly suggests that Dominion Voting Systems equipment illegally shifted votes away from President Donald Trump and passed them to Joe Biden instead.

Mathematically impossible results

It is actually a built in feature of the system which was exploited. A “glitch” developed which the software, designed to cover up the fraud, couldn’t handle. President Trump got a whole lot more votes than the software engineers expected.

One alert election auditor realized that the secret “algorithm” ended up manufacturing a “mathematically impossible” number of votes for Biden, which blew the lid off the whole scheme.

Liberal Democrats are so terrified about what will happen once the fraud is all laid out in the open, so they have resorted to witness intimidation. Powell says she needs to alert the public that several of her witnesses are getting death threats.

They are “in danger of losing their jobs” and one was already physically attacked, “beaten up and is in the hospital.”

Some of Powell’s witnesses “have government roles” they are terrified to come out to tell their story “without certain protections in place.” They want to do their part to alert the public about the fraudulent scheme that criminal elements within the justice system are trying to get away with.

Every day, more and more evidence is piling up to send corrupt FBI and DOJ employees, even ranking officials, off to FEMA camps.

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