Dem Civil War Breaks Out, Biden Team Reeling

Democrat Civil War is raging in Washington D.C. as Joe Biden scrambles to hold it all together. That can’t be easy when he doesn’t even know how to hold himself together.

War between Democrats

The radically socialist wing of the Democrat Party has dragged the party so far left that the centrist moderates are starting to think the right isn’t so deplorable after all. Everyone knows the mid-terms will be an all out war next year.

Each day, more and more Democrat registered voters are telling the DNC honchos that they aren’t willing “to support their extreme agenda.” It puts a lot of seats at risk for 2022.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, the highest ranking Democrats in Congress, aren’t helping any. They seem to have no interest in “unifying” the party around achievable common goals. They prefer a war they can profit from.

Unity to them means “shut up and drink the Kool-Aid.” All they are interested in is packing as much pork as they can into a single bill that the Democrats can shove through the works without a single Republican vote. The current version has a $3.5 trillion price tag hanging off it.

A problem with their scheme, one of many, is that the debt ceiling blocks their way. They are in full scale war with Republicans over that issue already.

Even a few DINO Democrats are standing in the way of raising Uncle Sam’s credit card limit through cooperation. The Democrats can do it on their own, but if they do they won’t be able to deny total ownership of the whole miserable and evil scheme when it all collapses later.

Need a strong leader

What Democrats need right now is a strong leader to guide the troops into war. What they have is Joe Biden. He can’t guide himself around the dog to make it down to breakfast.

He also has a tendency to forget little things, like what he’s talking about in front of a TV camera. Sure there’s a teleprompter there but “C’mon man,” you can’t expect him to stick to it.

When Democrat candidates facing approval in the mid-terms look at Joe Biden’s poll numbers, they pretend they never heard of him. There’s no way he’s gonna show up at a campaign rally for them they vow. The democrats are more at war with themselves to solve their identity crisis than they are with Republicans.

Now that they don’t have Donald Trump to kick around they don’t have any excuses to blame their failures on. Trump didn’t hand Afghanistan to the Taliban with a cherry on top.

After a series of secret meetings, the big three Democrat players announced the war was averted and they have a deal. They just can’t say what it is. The “massive plan to expand the social safety net” will go through, Pelosi and Schumer promise.

“But it quickly became clear that the deal lacked many specifics, needed to be sold to Congress and required ample negotiating to get broad consensus within their party,” CNN writes. In other words, right where they were when they started. They have a deal, they just haven’t made it yet. It’s more of a “framework,” they ultimately admit. Stay tuned as this develops.

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