911 Dispatcher’s Husband Breaks Silence with Heartbreaking Confession: “I Know I’m a Monster”

Omar Pena-Romero, a former 911 dispatcher, is awaiting arraignment in Pulaski County Jail on capital murder charges for shooting his wife, 27-year-old Cassandra Pena-Romero. He had been an employee at the Arkansas dispatch center before he was suspended after his Aug. 7 arrest for allegedly raping and assaulting her. Despite a state district court judge setting his bail at $75,000, which was paid by his family a week later, Pena-Romero shot Cassandra as she left work at the Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services dispatch center in Little Rock around 5:30 p.m. on August 19th.

According to police documents and social media posts, Alan Yeargan, Cassandra’s lover, was among the first to render her aid when he found her bleeding in the parking lot of the MEMS dispatch center. In divorce papers served by Cassandra on August 11th, she petitioned a Pulaski Circuit Court judge to change her surname to Frederickson-Pena and assume full custody of the couple’s 18-month-old son due to Pena-Romero’s violent behavior and threats towards their family.

Additionally, it was noted that he had previously visited a psychiatric facility where he “presented with suicidal and homicidal ideations” and wrote a suicide note addressed to his wife prior to shooting her dead five hours after his arrest for rape allegations against Cassandra were made public.

Rebecca Tennille head of communications at MEMS told Fox News Digital that she couldn’t “stomach the fact that he, a murderer, is going to be able to tell his side of the story again.” Greg Thompson executive director at MEMS said in a statement that Cassandra was “a wonderful person” who “saved lives every day” as a 911 emergency medical dispatcher and continued this legacy by becoming an organ donor after succumbing four days later from gunshot wounds inflicted by her husband Omar Pena-Romero.

In a jailhouse confession penned for Fox News Digital Omar Pena Romero claims he never meant to hurt anyone but himself saying “I always protected her and cared for her – we [had] never got[ten] into an argument before.”

However, Mitzi Pena – Omar’s sister told Fox News Digital that while she believed him initially she could not help him until he told her the truth adding “he put my family at risk”. Though both sides of this tragic story have been shared one thing remains unchanged; Justice must be served in order for all involved parties to find peace moving forward even if this means accepting harsh truths about our own roles within these situations no matter how small they may seem in comparison.

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