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Ivanka Trump Scores Big Time Brownie Points With Americans for THIS Move

Ivanka Trump has come forward once again and shown us what a compassionate and caring person she can be. Might we also mention how Ivanka was willing to do something that President Joe Biden is continuing to avoid, instead putting his focus on the country of Ukraine rather than our own.

It is no secret that Ivanka Trump has been an active philanthropist for many years.

It was recently revealed that Ivanka Trump, the former First Daughter and senior advisor to President Donald Trump, made an unannounced trip to Maui in Hawaii to provide support for those affected by devastating wildfires.

Her visit was kept under wraps, with very few details being released.

The wildfires began in early August of this year, resulting in a catastrophic loss of life and property damage.

To date, these fires rank among the nation’s deadliest disasters, taking almost 100 lives.

The town of Lahaina bore the brunt of it as over 2,000 buildings were either damaged or destroyed in a matter of days.

Those who had been forced out resorted to the ocean as their only refuge.

Even though her visit was little publicized, locals have appreciated her gesture which included delivering meals to families and spending time with those impacted by the disaster.

This is not unheard of when it comes to Ivanka; she has taken part in many philanthropic activities throughout her career so far.

Her compassionate actions stand out amongst all others who are striving towards swift recovery for this devastated region and demonstrate how much she is committed to helping people in need while also maintaining her “low key” persona about it all.

The full extent of what happened is yet unknown but with help from local authorities and individuals like Ivanka Trump there is hope for recovery from this tragedy sooner rather than later.


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