McCarthy Just Confirmed It, Hunter Biden’s Worst Nightmare

If Hunter Biden thought he was going to get through a GOP-run House term without getting a subpoena, he was wrong.

We don’t know when it’s coming, but according to Speaker McCarthy (R-CA), he will be subpoenaed at some point.

McCarthy, however, just does not want to rush it.

It’s Confirmed

While there is definitely pressure to serve Hunter, McCarthy would prefer to wait until the GOP has all the evidence it needs.

When he was asked if he would be issuing a subpoena for Hunter, he stated, “I don’t subpoena anybody.

“I let committees do their work.

“The one thing the American public has to understand is there’s a strategy behind everything. We only follow facts.

“Hunter Biden will get subpoenaed.

“When’s the appropriate time?

“Do you do it because television wants it, or do you do it around the facts and the timing?

“I think we should have the bank statements to actually know where did the money go?

“So you would know the questions to ask Hunter Biden. Just to subpoena Hunter Biden because you want to fundraise or you want to do something that’s not how to run an investigation.”

I know people want to see this done, but I agree with McCarthy on this one.

When you call him in, make sure you have the evidence stacked up so he has no wiggle room.

Source: Daily Wire

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