He’s OUT…CNN Gets Rid of Him

CNN  said bye-bye to White House correspondent John Harwood.

“Today’s my last day at CNN,” Harwood tweeted at noon, thanking his colleagues and saying he was “proud” of the work they did together. “look forward to figuring out what’s next.”

In a statement to the Hollywood Reporter a CNN spokesperson confirmed the news that Harwood and the network were parting ways. “We appreciate John’s work covering the White House, and we wish him all the best,” said the CNN spokesperson.

The Hollywood Reporter claimed that the Correspondent new of his departure as far back as last month. He joined the cable news network in the beginning of 2020 after working as the chief Washington correspondent for CNBC.

Harwood is not the first highly partisan personality to leave CNN since CEO Chris Licht took over earlier this year. Although the reason for Harwoods departure has not been disclosed we can only speculate that it is due to the new management’s desire to get away from biased reporting.

Previously CNN announced that chief media correspondent Brian Stelter was fired and his show, “Reliable Sources,” canceled. Stelter had long antagonized conservatives. Stelter held an obvious bias against the right, Fox News, and former President Donald Trump.

Harwood also faced criticism for being sharply critical of Trump and the Republican Party. He was known for calling the republican party as “fundamentally broken” in 2019.

The leaked Hilary Clinton emails showed that in 2016 Harwood complimented Clinton in conversations with campaign chairman John Podesta. He even offered to interview the then-presidential candidate on topics she would be comfortable with. Another email exchange showed Harwood asking the Clinton campaign for suggesting questions he could ask the Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush in an interview.

Harwood absolutely blew his cover as a nonpartisan journalist during the 2015 GOP presidential primary debate. His performance as a moderator recieved widespread scorn from Republicans due to his wanting to debate the candidates rather than moderate their discussion. Then-candidate Donald Trump called him a “disaster” and said he is “probably finished as a reporter” in a blistering review of Harwood’s behavior.

CNN is losing profits and viewers. The network’s new leadership under Licht has taken steps to return to a neutral, non-partisan news coverage. This includes letting go of talent.

Licht told CNN staffers in June that more changes would be coming. We can only assume more of the very biased talent still gracing the networks coverage will be leaving.

“You heard me say in my first town hall that I am going to make decisions slower than some would like,” Licht said. “I know this organization has been through tremendous change over the last four months, which is why I am approaching this process slowly and thoughtfully as we look at all parts of the operation.”


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