4 Gardening Life Hacks To Help You Get Rid Of Common Pesky Problems

Living with pests can be a real nuisance. From pesky flies buzzing around your head while eating to the ant colonies that can bite, it is no wonder we want them gone from our homes and yards as soon as possible.

Thankfully, there are some cheap and easy life hacks that can do just that! Whether you need to get rid of flies, ants, wasps, bees or other garden pests, these simple tricks will help make your home pest-free in no time.

1. Stick 4 pennies in a plastic baggie to keep flies away

The experts at Homesteading Off The Grid have come up with an easy trick to keep those pesky flies out of your house without having to use any chemicals.

All you need is a plastic Ziploc bag, four pennies, water, and a length of rope. Open the Ziploc bag and place the pennies inside before filling it halfway with water.

To seal off the top of the bag securely tie off the rope leaving enough slack to hang it up near an open door or window – this is often how they get into your house – so pick a spot near their entrance point for optimal results. Hang it where it will get some direct sunlight for best results.

2. Rid your yard of ants for good without chemicals

Ants are another annoying problem for many people; they can be found everywhere in the world according to Encyclopaedia Britannica – plus they bite which makes matters worse!

While chemical ant killers are available on store shelves getting rid of them doesn’t have to cost you much money or be harmful either; 3BricksHigher posted a video on YouTube demonstrating a simple yet effective way using Mother Nature’s elements combined with some trash bags and bricks.

Locate an ant bed after mowing then cover it completely with black plastic bags fixed down by bricks making an oven effect when heated by the sun which kills all larvae inside due to not being able to survive temperatures between 75°F-96°F; Dominic demonstrated his yard went from 84°F outside temperature over 100°F inside his ‘ant bed oven’ in only two hours!

Wait several days before removing the bag ensuring no more ants return again ever again!

3. Simple lunch bag hack keeps wasps and bees away

No one wants uninvited guests ruining their outdoor parties that sting such as wasps or bees so here is another cheap friendly solution that keeps everyone safe including humans animals and insects alike.

Using a brown paper bag stuff full several grocery bags into a brown paper bag knotting off its top then tying it somewhere high mimicking a hornet’s nest. Flying insects won’t go anywhere near them creating a nontoxic decoy.

4. Shoo garden pests away with Epsom Salt

Epsom salt has several benefits when it comes to gardening and plant growth including keeping garden pests away. It acts as an effective insect control agent by creating a mixture with five gallons (19 L.) of water which can then be applied to foliage with a pump sprayer.

This solution has been known not only deter pests but also kill many on contact! In addition to this, it also helps get rid of pesky weeds by mixing it with vinegar and dishwashing liquid then spraying the mixture onto any weed seen – just remember not to spray your beloved plants!

The use of Epsom salt in gardens offers multiple benefits such as providing important nutrients for healthy soil and aiding plant growth, improving flower blooming, increasing seed germination rate; improving nutrient uptake, controlling fungus diseases, repelling insects, killing weeds etc.. It’s also very affordable and easy to apply so you don’t need any special knowledge or equipment. Plus, since it’s natural you don’t have worry about using harsh chemicals that might harm other plants or animals living around your garden area.

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