Woke Media Just Said The MOST RIDICULOUS BS About Republicans

After Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dealt a significant blow to Disney over its decision to interfere in state politics on behalf of the far left, the mainstream media hopes to convince Americans that they really still support woke corporations like Disney. A Reuters/Ipsos poll claims to have discovered that Americans of both parties are disavowing the decision to remove Disney’s self-governed district and tax benefits.

Poll claims most Republicans oppose DeSantis on Disney

The poll found that a majority of voters from both parties agreed that they would not support a politician who punished companies for their views on social issues.

One of the problems with the specific question asked that prompted these responses is that it does not specify what kind of views are being discussed.

Most Democrats would certainly approve if politicians went after Christian companies that actively oppose abortion and gay marriage, while most Republicans would support those same companies.

Still, the Reuters poll found that a significant percentage of Republican voters (though not a majority) agreed that politicians should not punish companies that push “woke” agendas.

The fact that it isn’t a majority is evidence that this mindset is fading quickly, but many Americans are undoubtedly still hesitant to act against a company that pushes these views.

To many that would look like an attack on free speech and would perhaps open the door to more attacks on conservative companies from the left in retaliation.

Woke companies fight to keep special privileges

Increasing numbers of conservatives, on the other hand, recognize that these concerns are no longer especially relevant in 2022 in regards to Disney and other corporations.

Like many religions, “woke” liberalism demands that its adherents proselytize and win converts. Woke companies aren’t simply voicing their own opinions, they are aggressively using money, threats, and propaganda to get their way.

Disney made the mistake of assuming that it had veto power over laws passed by Florida’s government ; under a different governor they may have been correct about that.

What DeSantis did to Disney was not so much a punishment as a retraction of certain privileges. Why, after all, should Florida residents continue to give special treatment to a corporation that attempts to undo the work of their elected representatives?

This is becoming an increasingly popular view in the Republican Party and the example of DeSantis will be followed elsewhere. The woke corporations have become vocally anti-conservative, so this is only a logical reaction.

The mainstream media might like Republicans to think that acting to restrict their influence has only fringe support, but DeSantis may have a much better understanding of where the party is going.

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