1,000 Delegates Quietly Walk Away From the DNC

Despite Democrats trying to put up a public unified front, over 1,000 DNC delegates have gone against the party and voted contrary to the platform.

DNC Doesn’t Go as Planned

Even though they possess the same main mission, taking the White House from President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, the Democrat Party appears in shambles.

During the Democrat National Convention, it appeared the party had it together, but the increasingly progressive platform saw pushback.


In the four-day event, progressives protested on many controversial issues including health care reform and climate change issues. The 92-page document does include the radical issues, however, it does not specifically embrace “Medicare-for-all” or the Green New Deal.

Socialism Divides Party

For progressives, these two hot button issues are the center point of their thoughts – other than their hate towards President Trump.

When the tally from the DNC platform was released, it became clear that the left is not as unified and many once thought.


The DNC revealed over the weekend that  3,562 delegates voted to approve the platform, while a total of 1,069 voted no, and 87 abstained, Fox News reported.

About the same amount of convention delegates who voted no adds up to about the number of delegates who pledge support to socialist Bernie Sanders.

Reports are saying that the Democrat Party finally released the votes only after Sander delegates brought pressure to do so.

“We were upset. There was pushback. There were emails and phone calls,” a Sanders convention delegate told Fox News.

Radicals Want More Power

Not shocking, one of the radicals who voted against the platform was Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. Also well-known for being one of the members of “The Squad,” she came out and demanded more radicalization in her party.

She made it known days before the convention what her vote would be and tweeted “as a party, we must push for a future where every resident has the ability to thrive. That means we need a platform that works to rid our society of oppression and greed. Unfortunately, in my view this platform does not do enough.”

“The premise of our nation is every person has dignity,” progressive Rep. Ro Khanna told Fox News. “Our health care should not depend on what job you have or whether you are employed.

During this pandemic, we need to commit to extending Medicare to every American. This has been part of our platform since 1980 and should be part of it again.”

As the rift between moderate and progressive Democrats seems to grow, it appears that this will be a helpful happening for the re-election of Donald Trump in the November elections.

  1. I have a remedy for the “race to take control” of the White House. Instead of trying to take back the White House, how about doing the “Public Service” you promised when we voted. I will wager a nickel that if the campaign promises were kept, Taking the White House “would be a piece of cake.”

  2. Of course the democrat’s media was somewhat muted about this subject. Not quite like their coverage of the Romney, Flake, Kascih or any RINO that can find a microphone.

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