Democrat Controlled Cities are Now Experiencing High Rates of Violence Which is Really, Really Weird

Something really weird is going on in Democrat controlled cities from coast-to-coast. Murder and violent crime rates are exploding faster than commercial grade fireworks. Liberals can’t seem to make the logical connection that maybe the skyrocketing number of shootings and armed robberies might have something to do with the fact that they defunded their police.

Socialist Democrat paradise

California is one of those laboratories where liberal ideas get tried out first. The fully progressive city of Oakland, on the outskirts of Pelosi controlled hippy-dippy San Francisco, is having what they’re afraid to call a “safety emergency.”

Everyone is supposed to be a peaceful Democrat there in the socialist paradise. Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong has a little dilemma.

Armstrong told some reporters that between 10 p.m. Sunday night to 10 a.m. Monday morning, his department “responded to seven shootings.” To Oakland PD, that’s “12 hours of nonstop chaos.”

The thing that disturbs the chief the most is the fact that the only reason half the shots were fired was to make a little noise. The average Democrat doesn’t seem to realize that what goes up, must come down. Bullets come down hard. “That is what is concerning. The level of celebratory gunfire is something we haven’t seen before.”

Cops are clearly outnumbered

Chief Armstrong also noted that a lot of that celebratory Democrat gunfire wasn’t aimed up in the air. Most was aimed at someone in specific. That doesn’t mean the intended victim was the one injured or killed.

More often than not, it’s the innocent bystanders who become casualties. “Does this department need resources?” Armstrong asks. “Clearly, we do. We were clearly outnumbered.”

The grim night of violence racked up several “critically injured” victims. One person “could not be saved.” Chief Armstrong doesn’t like to have to say that.

“Our city has not seen this level of violence in many years.” He can only blame the Democrat side because it isn’t the conservatives yanking critical funding from the police.

Even the Democrat members of the Oakland City Council are having second thoughts. One member, Noel Gallo, notes that all the recent crime “certainly has Oakland in a safety emergency.” He grew up there and it was never like this before. He wants to make Oakland great again.

“I grew up here in Oakland and East Oakland, and it is the worst I’ve ever seen. And not only dealing with the side shows, dealing with the fireworks, but also the violence on the streets. But the reality is that we need greater enforcement.” 67 people have been killed in Oakland so far this year.

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