Whoa...Steve Scalise Drops Bombshell Election Announcement...Stops Dems Right in their Tracks

Whoa…Steve Scalise Drops Bombshell Election Announcement…Stops Dems Right in their Tracks

Steve Scalise, the House Minority Whip and Representative from Louisiana, said on Saturday that the presidential election is not over, becoming the first Congressional GOP leader to make a statement on the matter after Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was declared the president-elect by multiple mainstream media outlets.

As was expected, the left-wing mainstream media quickly fell in line with Joe Biden’s “victory,” ignoring rampant examples of voter fraud, “glitches” in vote-counting software, and other shady situations surrounding the election.

Representative Scalise has asserted that the outcome of the election cannot be determined until all legal challenges have been resolved.


“The election isn’t over until all legal votes are counted and certified. There are still serious legal challenges that have been made, and until that process is resolved, the election is not final. The American people deserve a fair and transparent process,” Rep. Scalise said on Twitter Saturday afternoon.

Democrats are already stepping up their rhetoric, trying to paint President Trump and his Republican allies in Congress as sowing doubt in our election system because of the legal challenges. Nancy Pelosi went as far as calling them “domestic enemies” live on MSNBC:


Democrats and the left wing media are also freaking out about the election because they didn’t get the “blue wave” they were expecting. Instead of Republicans losing seats in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, they actually gained seats.

Due to their losses, the Democrats likely will not be able to implement their plans, even if Joe Biden does win the election.

It is refreshing to see Republicans actually fighting for once, instead of rolling over and submitting to the Democrats. Representative Scalise called for American citizens to demand transparency, the counting of all legal votes, observation of ballot sorting and counting by both parties, and election laws to be enforced as written.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy have yet to comment on the election’s supposed outcome.

  1. If this voting and election issues are not resolved, who would feel that their vote would count? We need free and transparent elections. I for one, suspect that this has been happening for years! And why were the computers hooked up to the internet and not the intranet? If you think about it long enough, it will come to you

  2. Nancy Pelosi is a traitor and a domestic enemy of the United States if there ever was one. What else would you call a person who seeks to aid and abet the foreign invasion of her or his country by unlimited numbers of ignorant foreigners and who lies with every breath. That woman is a fiend of Hell.

  3. This is without doubt the most crooked election ever held! Every vote should be recounted and the person that wins should be elected! The Media doesn’t elect Presidents ,the people do!
    The evidence of mail fraud is over the top and should be investigated.
    Pelosi said, we will win one way or another!!!

  4. They should also force an inspection of all ballots in Oregon, Washington State, and Commiefornnia where they have been cheating for decades and getting away with it. I’m betting that all three of those states would actually show wins for Trump also and would also probably show Pilosi, Frankenfeinstein, and all of the governors won by fraud!

  5. Just a casual observation here, but the casual disappears when things begin to add up. If you do not understand how making accusations, insinuations, suggestions and plain English LIES, you haven’t ben paying attention,
    1. Current accusations of the White House have been alluding to the “attacks on the election process”.
    A. Should you be so shallow as to fail to understand why a man who has yet to be elected to the highest office in the land, comes under fire from various malcontents, who project themselves to be intensely concerned with the plight of the middle class, have instigated untold number of falsehoods that demean a potential candidate for President and attempt to NEGATE one half of the middle class votes that eventually elected the man who was the number one enemy of Hillary R. Clinton.
    B. You have been mislead by sorehead losers who think you are second class citizens and are totally dependent on HAND OUTS from the sorehead losers. Look around, research just a little and balance the difference in those who offer a HAND-UP instead of a HANDOUT. If you take pride in being lead around by the nose by those who have little interest in you as a human being, but only a way to achieve their object, that affords them the POWER to continue to mislead you.
    C. Being offered the opportunity to empower yourself to TRULY live the American dream, created situations that FAVOR building self esteem, and being proud of who you are and what you have ACCOMPLISHED, that individual has already been elected and in case you haven’t noticed the Republic has increased its opportunities that BENEFIT those who try to live the American dream,
    D. I will venture that 3/4’s of the citizens who hate the President, never heard of him until those SOREHEAD LOSERS, saw the writing on the wall that compelled them to begin a campaign to weaken the candidate who saw the needs of the American people and decided he wanted to help, so he devised a plan that pursued the electoral college VOTE instead of the popular vote, and won……..
    E. that did little to sooth the ruffled feathers of those who became SOREHEAD LOSERS, instead, LOSING was exceptionally distasteful, even more so when their Victory Party was relegated to “sucking the hind tit”( look it up ). Instead of accepting a fact of being INFERIOR to a man who was a MAN OF THE PEOPLE, the sorehead losers designed a treasonous plot that….wait for it…..had very little to do with facts and truth. And unfortunately caused some upstanding citizens to “bow to the EGO god” and
    F. COMPROMISED their belief of “Right versus Wrong” then collectively began a season of “all wet, damp and COLD” as a means of revenge merely because they could not handle being beaten. Note: Being beaten in a political campaign IS NOT equivalent to being beaten in a universally accepted brand of COMPETITION, however,
    G. LOSING at anything creates monsters instead of competitors. In this case, the opponents, differed in their acceptance to losing, FAIRNESS be damned. Those PILLARS of the community, the ones who “made their bones” by providing “Handouts to their supporters” made a calculated plan to REMOVE FROM OFFICE the man who gave each a mirror and reminded them that TRUTH and THE PEOPLE are synonymous with one another. The saddest portion of this particular competition involved different caliber of loser, and again believing their irreverent PLAN superior to the truth,
    H. pooled their resources, originally design FOR THE PEOPLE, and plotted a coup that rivaled even “bloody coups”. The frailty of a nations Justice and Law-Enforcement branches, is only as strong as its weakest link. Seldom does a coup create comfortable working environments. If those 2 branches of government connive to take over a FREE SOCIETY, rest assured the FREEDOM will be short-lived and once FREE PEOPLE are SUBORDINATED to a POLICE STATE. Remember this, The chance a coup is accomplished and retained, will ONLY be as strong as the citizens who truly believed in the Republic.
    I. Question: Considering the strength of this nation since its birth, what has happened, who created what has happened and was it beneficial to those who BELIEVED in The Republic. Simply an opinion and we all know about those, however, I compare the latest attempt to completely change the way a man lives his life, within self crafted “rules of law” and those who challenge those laws, are in fact” THROWING DOWN THE GAUNLET. Even at the ripe young age of 75, I stand ready to CHALLENGE those who threw the gauntlet, ” prepare to defend ” your attempt to change this FREEDOM to TYRANNY.

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