DC Turns Violent and Democrats are Doing NOTHING to Stop it

Democrats in Washington, DC weren’t waiting for the election results to come in. Black Lives Matter troops were rioting in the streets and the liberal local officials were doing nothing to stop it.

Instead, the progressives are funding the gasoline to throw on the fires of anarchy. The election is looking a lot like it was rigged against President Trump but win or lose doesn’t matter much to them. The Democrats are out to burn down the plantation with you in it.


A night of violence in DC

The network media isn’t about to show images of New World Order financed and organized armies destroying downtown DC on election night. Even conservative journalists like Ian Miles Cheong had to keep a low profile while filming. Less fortunate videographers were attacked, assaulted, and robbed.

A series of tweets details exactly how the violence went down. “Antifa is completely losing their minds in Washington DC.” Cheong tweeted.


As reported by Elijah Schaffer, the word on the street is that neither candidate is very popular with the unwashed masses in DC. They’re ready for full on anarchy.

“F*ck Trump. F*ck Biden. No more presidents.” George Soros is grinning from ear to ear.

Masks, shields and weapons

One unit of BLM troops, described by Andy Ngo as “about 150 black block Antifa begin marching through the streets lead by an umbrella squad. They have gas masks, weapons and some have shields”

Ngo was one of the journalists to note repression of the media by alert Black Lives Matter forces. “Antifa in Washington DC are assaulting people with cameras. ‘Walk away or it gets worse,'” he tweets.

Brendan Gutenschwager also noted how on the streets of DC, BLM were going after, “members of the press” as he filmed an “American flag set on fire a few blocks from the White House.”

  1. It is blatantly obvious that this Rioting and looting is all a part of the plan between Democrats, The Fake MSM Media and up to and including the Deep State, The Globalist financiers and other Leftist Organizations involved in The U.N. Globalist agenda.
    This is no conspiracy theory, this is real and it has been fomenting and building for several years. Follow the money and the Deep State Aristocracy that has been enriched by it.

  2. Stalin’s words or prophesy if you will, have come true in this last so-called election. “It does not matter who votes. It only matters who COUNTS the votes.” Joseph Stalin. If there is anyone who thinks that this election was fair, their elevator does not go to the top floor. This has got to be acted on by the Department of Justice and acted on NOW! The laws and specifically, the Constitution were violated with this whole mail-in ballot horse-crap. The longer this goes on, the Democrat Party will control every single office in the United States. The key obvious factor of this election travesty is that Lying Joe Biden, broke every single election record set by former president Barack Obama. Now, does ANYBODY BELIEVE THAT? JOHN F. KENNEDY one asked at his inauguration- “Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what YOU can do for your country! Now is the time to step forward and contact the ATTORNEY GENERAL WILLIAM BARR and demand action!

    PRESIDENT TRUMP won this election legally but it was stolen from him after the polls closed during the night and the days after.

  3. This is the pre cursor should Biden be successful in stealing the election. What we have seen in the liberal cities across the Country has been like spring training. It has been used to test their weapons, actions, limits that law enforcement will go, to test their level of support by the likes of the elected people in those cities/states and the level of intolerance or support from the general public. As this continues we can expect bloodshed in many places.

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