ALERT: State of Emergency Announcement

A whole town full of “Gila Bend Hillbillies” are on the alert for illegal aliens scampering through the alleyways. The Mayor of Gila Bend, Arizona is furious enough with the Border Patrol to declare a state of emergency. They have been dropping two bus loads of illegal immigrants off there each week. The Imperial Palace plans to keep doing it until they run out of illegals.

State of emergency

When Border Patrol agents informed Gila Bend Mayor Chris Riggs that “they would be dropping off two bus loads of illegal immigrants in his town each week for the foreseeable future,” he went spastic. The way one outlet describes it, “Throwing up his hands in exasperation, Mayor Riggs resorted to declaring a state of emergency in his town and calling on Washington for relief.”

When Trump was in office, he would have gotten it too. But, then again if Trump was in office Mayor Riggs wouldn’t need to call for help. It’s only the neon “Imperial Leader Joe Biden Welcomes YOU!” sign at the southern border crossing points that bring the illegals scampering northward in caravan herds.


One of the things that has Mayor Riggs hopping mad is that he told palace officials that “the town is not capable of testing them all for the coronavirus.” His Wisdom doesn’t care. Border Patrol, under direct orders from the Imperial Palace, “let us know that they were going to be dropping migrants that had been detained for 72 hours in our town, which we really didn’t understand because we have nothing here.”

Gila Bend has one claim to fame, dirt. Hosting bus loads of illegals is an emergency they aren’t equipped to handle. “We have no charity organizations that can help, no nongovernmental organizations that a lot of the larger cities and towns do have to assist these people.”

Gila Bend isn’t alone. Thanks to Joe Biden’s red carpet, the illegal alien catch and release program has been dumping them off by the bus loads all across the Southwest. That’s fine if there’s something there.


Here it is virtually a death sentence where the mercury gets above 115 degrees in the shade on a regular basis, but there isn’t any shade. Or water. Or anything. That’s why it is such an emergency. “Gila Bend isn’t a city. It would barely qualify as a village. They have a population of less than 2,000. They don’t have a Greyhound station. They barely have stoplights.”

Even without federal help, they already have a flood of illegals pouring through the vicinity from the wide open border. The remoteness and harsh desert conditions of the area mean long stretches are totally unprotected. They usually round up “as many as 20 or 25 per week.”

Along with a spike in the flow, it’s caused a rash of petty crime like burglary and property crime. That’s an emergency for a town that doesn’t have a police force. The locals are used to protecting themselves but once in a while they get some help from “a substation of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.”

No sanctuary in sight

When the penniless migrants and their children get pushed off the bus and look around, there isn’t much to see but a whole lot of desert in every direction. They were better off before they got picked up by La Migra in the first place, plus some of them have Covid and are sharing it with the others. In Gila Bend, there aren’t any “NGO’s” or liberal activist charities. There’s cactus. Lots and lots of cactus.

Riggs hit the emergency panic button when he was ordered to put up the cost, $600,000, simply to “test two bus loads of migrants for COVID per week for an entire year.” The town had to do it, like it or not.

Considering the size of the town, its a good bet in Las Vegas that would pretty much wipe out the whole year’s budget. Mayor Riggs is caught in a tough position and the Imperial Palace is against him all the way.

Things are bad enough on the wild, wild, western outskirts of Maricopa County but the situation is just as much of an emergency in Cochise County, which is the far south-east corner of Arizona. They share a stretch of Mexican border with Texas.


Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels is ready to dial in a 911 emergency of his own. Joe Biden’s policies have “overwhelmed” his resources to defend the border and protect local citizens. He’s not happy with the palace, placing blame squarely on “Joe Biden for making all of these changes to immigration policy without ever consulting the local governments along the border or having a plan to deal with the human wave of migrants.”

According to Dannels, “when this administration failed to engage with my governor, my attorney general, our health departments, our emergency services coordinator, along with other border states and beyond, that’s when it started. So, we’re trying to pick up the pieces right now. It’s an unfunded mandate by the federal government to local communities.” We used to have laws and redress to the courts for things like that but now that we’re in a post-constitutional, global government, wide open borders, new world order. Who knows what will happen?

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