Shocking Details About John Podesta Come to Light

The Daily Caller just published a bombshell report on the Voter Registration Project (VPR).

The project was touted as a nonpartisan voter registration organization.

It turns out, the organization was “commissioned” by current White House Deputy Chief of Staff John Podesta.

It was also completely funded by left-wing donors.

Corruption Never Ends

The organization was being touted as nonpartisan, yet it was concentrating on demographics to ensure a Democrat win.

Lawyers Democracy Fund Executive Director Lisa Dixon chimed in, stating, “Encouraging qualified voters to exercise their right to vote is a noble purpose, served by legitimate nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations, and community leaders around the country.

“But when supposedly nonpartisan organizations conduct get-out-the-vote efforts in a manner that seems designed to benefit one political party, voters are rightly skeptical of how fair and nonpartisan such efforts are.”

More than five million voters were registered, with more than 75 percent of them being people of color, with 56 percent being women and 46 percent being under 35 years old.

These are all demographics that overwhelmingly vote for Democrats.

Honest Elections Project Executive Director Jason Snead added, “Oftentimes you see these organizations speak almost in code, and the code is specifically designed to make it seem as though they are targeting underrepresented minority groups or others.

“But when you put it all together, you can see the picture that they are painting is an effort to target primarily voters that are going to be voting for Democratic politicians and candidates … And so that’s how supposedly nonpartisan nonprofit groups will then turn around and act in very partisan ways.”

All you need to know is that George Soros funneled about $10 million into this project, and you know he is not sending money to any cause that will help the Republicans.

Do you want to know how Joe Biden got more votes than Donald Trump? VPR played a significant role in that.

Source: Daily Caller

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