There Were ‘No Major Incidents of Illegal Activity’, Read that Again

So when you ask: What could possibly break the left’s exaggerated narrative of the January 6th Capitol Breach even more than video accounts readily showing two disparate groups; one violently damaging the building led by a confirmed Antifa provocateur, and the other calmly walking through the rotunda and observing the velvet ropes? How about a confidential report from the Department of Homeland Security from 30 minutes after the barricades fell that reads “There are no major incidents of illegal activity at this time.” Would that do it? Nope. Instead, it has the leftists in Congress and the press frothing at the mouth demanding answers to why “A communication on Jan. 6 from a key DHS hub that was emailed to senior Army leaders dramatically undersold the unfolding chaos.”

The ninety-minute Youtube-banned footage from The #HollowNet tells the story quite well. At thirty minutes in, the explanation that ‘no major incidents of illegal activity’ had occurred does seem accurate. Certainly nothing to the caliber of the violence, looting, pillaging, murder, and arson of the Summer 2020 BLM Riots had occurred as of that time.


It was only later that Antifa provocateur and one-time CNN Contributor John Earle Sullivan aka JaydenX or John Sullivan who subsequently faced eight criminal charges including weapons charges for his actions while breaching the US Capitol on Jan 6th. Notably, the famous footage of the horrific murder of USAF Veteran Ashli Babbitt at the hands of Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd was captured by Sullivan as he led the charge into the Speaker’s lobby.

The Full Released Report of “No Major Incidents of Illegal Activity”

The full 137-page report was made available by Politico who draws a much different conclusion about “glaring omissions” and “inaccurate communications” in their writing.

Politico wrote,


“The Pentagon has faced scorching criticism for taking hours to deploy National Guard units to the Capitol. But the glaring omission, detailed in an email obtained through a public records request, provides new information about inaccurate communications the Defense Department received as the day’s horrors unfolded. And it heightens concerns about the role of DHS, established in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, as pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol, and the department’s ability to respond to crises.

“These emails raise serious questions about the response to the threat of January 6th,” said Jordan Libowitz, a spokesperson for the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a government watchdog group that obtained the email through a public records request and shared it with POLITICO.”

But the DHS reporting really does speak for itself. And the redacted sections leave even more questions. But one thing seems to be certain: the reports from our Homeland Security and the Military don’t jive with the narrative of the Democrat-Socialists in government and the leftists in the media.

So you have to ask, Which is true: the video footage you can readily see and DHS’ real-time reports or what the Biden-Harris regime, Dem-Socialists in Congress, and the mainstream media are desperate for you to believe?

The DHS Report:

In the last 2 hrs – There are no major incidents of illegal activity at this time.
• Crowds are estimated to be 15-20K and are now moving in the direction of the National Capitol.
• 10-15K at the Ellipse
• 2-5K at the Lincoln Memorial
• 2-5K at the US Capitol Building
• 500 transitioning to Freedom Plaza
• 1-2K at the Washington Monument
• 500 moving along Madison Avenue towards the protests
• FPS determined Proud Boys threatening to shut down the water system in the downtown
area not a credible threat
• l’enfaunt Plaza
• Suspicious package cleared no threat
• Vehicle with rifle on the back seat in plain view under police control while attempting to
contact the owner
• National Mall Area
• Man reported with a rifle at 15th & Constitution was detained and no weapon found
• Protestors near 16th & Pennsylvania Ave reportedly with baseball bats; exaggerated
• UAS / drone was detected east of the Washington Monument; USSS has taken possession
of the drone, unable to locate the operator
• James Madison Memorial building and Cannon House Office Building are being evacuated
due to bomb threat against the Capitol Hill Club
situation continues to develop


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