Trucker Convoy Heats Up as People Begin to Flock to the Cause

A convoy of trucker vaccine protesters in Canada has been showered with millions of dollars from enthusiastic supporters. “Freedom Convoy” set off from Vancouver on Sunday and since then, the GoFundMe raised “more than $3.5-million from some 46,500 donors – about $75 per donor on average – by Monday afternoon.”

Trucker protest success

The vaccine mandate trucker protest and their border snarling “slow roll” are about to converge on Ottawa in Canada. The really great news is that they’re already doing a whole lot better than the #T2SDA one Americans tried a few years ago. Back then, the plan was to have rigs circling around the beltway “three lanes deep” and performing citizens arrests on Obama era Congress members.

Half the bikers in America and nearly a million veterans converged on D.C. at the same time, but that protest still fizzled out. Even though success eluded American patriots in 2013, a lot of good work was accomplished. The embers are still smoldering and this could be the spark to fan them back into a blaze.

Every trucker in the industry, at least the ones in Canada, are “demonstrating against the federal requirement that essential workers – truckers included – be vaccinated if they want to avoid a 14-day quarantine after crossing the border from the United States.” The outrage officially began on January 15.

One company, Harwil Farms Mobile Feeds “donated $5,000 to the convoy, making it among the top contributors.” They have a good reason. Their “12 drivers deliver feed to farms and livestock to slaughterhouses in southern Ontario.”

Trucker and company owner Wendy Metcalfe is convinced the whole vaccine mandate concept is ridiculous.

It doesn’t seem to be working very well, does it? You’ve got people that are double, triple vaxxed, and they’re still getting the Omicron.” She’s “definitely against the mandates, and I’m way more than skeptical.”

Science backs them up

Research backs up the trucker groups. Studies have come out from the U.S., Germany, South Africa and the United Kingdom which clearly “indicate vaccines are less effective against the Omicron variant than earlier strains of the virus.”

Other studies note that catching Omicron is even better in the long run than getting the vaccine.

Even with millions in the bank for trucker lobbying efforts, liberal experts are trying to convince everyone that rainbow-sock-wearing Justin Trudeau will “stick with the mandate.”

That may be so but it will still be real hard to get goods to grocery stores with half the trucks in Canada parked in the capitol and the other half clogging the border crossings to three miles an hour.

The donations to the trucker fund will buy a lot of gas so it couldn’t have piled up at a better time. “The cost of diesel for a single tractor heading from Vancouver to Ottawa would range up to $5,000.”

As part of the parade, a whole “slew of semis rolled through Calgary early Monday morning, though many may not be bound for Ottawa as some truckers sought to show solidarity for a few hours rather than 3,500 kilometres.” When the truckers here in America get one rolling too, you can expect patriotic Americans cheering them on with flags from overpasses, too. We did it before and we could do it again.

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