It’s All Part of Biden’s ‘Process’…Even if its HIGHLY ILLEGAL

On Sunday, October 3rd Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) who has drawn the ire of the far-leftists in her party by standing with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) against dismantling the filibuster is now getting a taste of what Republicans like Sen. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have suffered for years. During a lecture at ASU in Tempe, AZ the Senator was chased into the women’s room by an illegal immigrant “activist” who illegally took footage of the Senator in the restroom. The entitled criminal ranted and berated the Senator shouting at her, “in 2010 both my grandparents got deported bc of SB1070…my grandfather passed away 2 wks ago & I wasn’t able to go to Mexico bc there is no pathway to citizenship.” Joe Biden says “it happens to everybody” and “it’s part of the process.”

Not satisfied the so-called “activists” harassed Sinema again, confronting her on an airplane back to Washington, D.C.

Amazingly, the first young woman known as “Blanca” according to illegal immigrant activist group LUCHA Arizona, thought that her story would engender some sympathy. Granted while the death of her grandfather is unfortunate and any rational, compassionate person would naturally offer their condolences, it fails to negate the fact that her grandparents who were also in the US illegally were rightly deported and that yes, were she to leave the US, she would lawfully be unable to return. Simply put: Blanca’s presence in the United States is an ongoing crime just as her grandparents were, and harassing a US Senator by chasing them into a bathroom and then onto an airplane is unacceptable and criminal as well.

Biden And The Leftist Media Scramble To Minimize, Even Support Harassment of Sinema. “it’s part of the process.”

During a weekend press conference Fox News’ Peter Doocy, asked Joe Biden to comment on the Arizona incident,
“Mr President, Mr. President, I’ve been talking about how you have 48 Democratic votes right now, the other two have been pressured over the weekend by activists. Joe Manchin had people on kayaks, show up to his boat. Senator Sinema last night was chased into a restroom. Do you think that those tactics are crossing a line?” Doocy asked.
“I don’t think they’re appropriate tactics but it happens to everybody,” Biden said. “The only people it doesn’t happen to are people who have Secret Service standing around with them. So, it’s part of the process.”
Leftist media outlets however are falling all over themselves to defend the serious transgression which actually violated Arizona law.
    • According to Fox News, “Jezebel published a piece titled “Absolutely Bully Kyrsten Sinema Outside Of Her Bathroom Stall.” In the article, it called the scene an “effective and safe alternative” to enacting change. The very same illegal immigrant also confronted Sinema on an airplane, seemingly following and stalking the Arizona Democrat.”
    • Daily Beast editor Molly Jong-Fast dismissed anyone who dared lob criticism at Sinema’s harassers. Sharing Biden’s comments, Jong-Fast tweeted, “This is a good answer that is driving the right nuts. Bathroomgate is a dumb fake scandal and conservatives pretending to care about Kyrsten Sinema is kind of hilarious.”
    • The Intelligencer of NY Magazine even justified the encounter as well even blaming Sinema for avoiding her constituents! “Even if you think the bathroom should be off-limits, it’s harder to argue that protesters somehow erred by tracking her down on campus. Call it a learning experience for her. Choose public office, then block your own party’s transformative progressive policy, and people will eventually get mad at you,” Sarah Jones wrote.
    • The Young Turks, who are defined by their radical far-left Democrat-Socialism condemned Sinema in support of the protestors in a segment featuring Rashad Richey and contributor Caroline Johnson. “Senator Kyrsten Sinema created this environment by refusing to connect or allow opportunity for dialogue with those that knocked on doors to get her elected,” Richey said. “I think that the articulation of these activists and really, the bravery and courage that that takes is something that should be celebrated across the nation,” Johnson followed.

The only way that this poetic justice, this hoisting of Democrats’ by their own petard could be more appropriate would be if Congresswoman Maxine Waters who infamously advised her followers to confront Trump Admin officials at any opportunity saying, “And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd.” Is that what Biden meant by “the process”?

However, all schadenfreude aside, the behavior of these so-called activists is abhorrent and wholly unacceptable, Biden was right in one thing and one thing only: it certainly DOES happen to everybody in politics… everybody with an (R) next to their name generally, and most specifically anyone who dares to stand against the woke-scolds and far-leftist agitators. Anyone who dares to confront the indoctrination, the critical race theory, climate change, the hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter Movement, the lies surrounding the January 6th Capitol riot, or President Donald Trump in general, for those people… yes… “it happens”, and it’s definitely a process… called dehumanization.



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