Watch as Demi Moore Jumps for Joy in Striped Bikini

Demi Moore has decided to show the world via Instagram that she’s no ghost. She’s way too active to Wang Chung with the grim reaper. Hanging around a boat isn’t exciting enough, so she decided to go leaping over it like a gazelle, showing off her new striped bikini too.

Demi Moore jumping for joy

There’s more to Demi Moore’s life than resting on her laurels as an actress in Ghost. The 58-year-old shared a few shots on Instagram showing her living the vida loca.

One photo in particular took everyone’s interest. She posted one of “herself living her best life on a boat while sporting a striped bikini.”

The media spectators agree that Demi “jumped in the air as a skilled photographer snapped the pic at just the right time.”

You can count the stripes. She captioned it, “One last jump for joy before leaping into fall!” She’s been running around in her bathing suit all summer.

As Demi hit the beach, she was followed closely by the pro photographer who snapped some images of Moore with “her three daughters Rumer, 33, Scout, 30, and Tallulah Willis, 27.”

The shot of them in the white suits was a big hit. The girls’ dad, Bruce Willis, isn’t in the frame but he isn’t out of the picture either.


Today is the day

The three sisters joined Demi in July prompting her to post “Today is the day! SO excited to finally share @andieswim’s new campaign.”

They’re “celebrating togetherness and showing up for the people you love… It was only fitting that I got to share this moment with the people I love most.”

That was a topic that Demi brought up back in February on a YouTube series “No Filter.”

She told the world about “the love she has for her family, which includes her ex Bruce, his wife Emma, and their two young daughters Evelyn Penn and Mabel Ray.” She doesn’t seem to hold any grudges.

“Our family regardless of what the shape of it is, it’s important to keep together and for the little ones to feel comfortable with me, and to know me so they also know their sisters better.”

Demi remains a realist. “It was really sweet and we did have some silly times for sure.”

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