Whistleblowers Raise Disturbing Questions About Devastating Maui Fires

It is no secret that Hawaii’s recent brush fires have caused catastrophic disaster, leaving many with an overwhelming sense of grief and loss.

The high winds on Tuesday in particular were especially devastating, intensifying the fires and leading to rapidly spreading wildfires.

Surprisingly, no outdoor warning sirens were set off by either local or state emergency agencies, leaving residents dependent on three other channels for information.

This has led many to question the adequacy of these warnings as well as emergency management overall.

Additionally, there has been much speculation about the cause of this tragedy – from energy weapons to billionaire Larry Ellison’s involvement in transforming Lanai into an ‘eco lab.’

Hawaii’s Emergency Services Administration confirmed on Friday that neither Maui nor HI-EMA activated warning sirens during the wildfire incident.

Residents instead depended on mobile device alerts, local radio and TV stations, and Maui County’s notification system for subscribed residents.

Adam Weintraub, a department spokesperson further explained that while the siren system was designed to motivate people to seek detailed emergency information through online sources or broadcasts it was not a very specific message – thus raising questions over its adequacy during such an escalating crisis.

Understandably so then Lisa Panis expressed her confusion in a phone interview: “They didn’t give us no warning. No nothing.”

Furthermore suspicions have arisen around whether or not this was truly “a natural disaster” as one woman who claimed to be a fire survivor suggested otherwise, citing how “not a single fire truck responded” and how the government “failed Lahaina.”

These claims are concerning yet unsubstantiated however there are still some unsettling coincidences surrounding billionaire Larry Ellison’s acquisition of Lanai 4 months ago and his vision for turning it into an ‘eco lab.’

His plans for electric vehicles, organic agriculture and solar energy have sparked debate among locals who feel he has not communicated his intentions adequately enough or provided any due process when it comes to new projects being proposed.

Finally Attorney General Anne Lopez announced that her department would undertake a “comprehensive review” of the “critical decision-making and standing policies” before during and after the fires – with Hawaii Gov Josh Green attempting to deflect responsibility onto NBC’s Lester Holt by claiming “it’s too early” for him to tell whether human decision or equipment failure caused such lack of response.

Thus we can only wait until their findings come out before any real conclusions can be made regarding this heartbreaking tragedy which has already become America’s deadliest wildfire according modern U.S history records with estimates showing 93 fatalities so far.

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