Trump to be Formally Accused of Attempting to Overthrow the Government

Representative Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland, has said that his party intends to present January 6, 2021 as a coup attempt orchestrated by then-President Donald Trump in a hearing next month. Democrats have frequently accused Trump of wishing to overthrow the government on January 6, but an explicit allegation like this from the House special committee tasked with investigating the matter would be a major development.

Raskin claims January 6 was an attempted coup

Raskin is one of the seven Democrats on that special committee, which has aroused little interest from all but a handful of Congressional Republicans.

The committee is meant to resume public hearings in May, and Raskin says that those hearings will feature specific accusations of an attempted coup.

Technically this has only been confirmed by Raskin, but his remarks on the subject used plural pronouns and strongly implied that this is the intention of the committee as a whole.

The Maryland Democrat claims that the crowd that entered the Capitol on January 6 did so with the intention of physically preventing the certification of the election results.

Had they succeeded in this, Raskin says, Trump was prepared to declare martial law and forcibly install himself as president despite the official outcome of the election.

Raskin says that the attempted coup was only thwarted by Mike Pence, who saved the government by refusing to cooperate with Trump and set aside the election results.

Democrats to formally accuse Trump of plotting to overthrow the government

If Pence had done this then the GOP-led House of Representatives would have held a vote, potentially installing Trump in the White House for a second term.

Raskin and his colleagues would need to have serious evidence to support all of this if they wanted to seriously claim that what happened on January 6 was a pre-planned attempt to overthrow the government and grant dictatorial powers to Trump.

Thus far, evidence has almost unanimously indicated that the mob of Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol were simply disorderly mass of angry protesters who opportunistically broke into the building without any real plan or organization.

Hundreds of people have been arrested for their involvement in January 6, but no one has been formally charged with attempting to carry out a violent coup.

Raskin may have simply been indulging in the usual leftist hyperbole that surrounds January 6, but by explicitly stating that “There was a violent insurrection and an attempted coup” the congressman implied a serious doubling down from the committee.

The committee is primarily a political instrument and was never likely to come up with anything that could decisively end Trump’s career. For Democrats like Raskin, however, there will always be some use in convincing loyal liberals that the big revelation may still come.

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