GOP Midterm Focus: Save the Constitution

This year’s midterm election is the perfect opportunity to regain conservative control of Congress. Deep State division could torpedo those plans unless the GOP stays focused like a laser on one single issue. Save our Constitution. That was a huge issue at the recent CPAC Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando.

Focus on the Constitution

When South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem took the podium at CPAC on Thursday, March 3, she clearly and distinctly laid out the winning strategy for Republicans ahead of the midterms. Save the Constitution! She would get rousing cheers of applause from the thousands gathered outside Washington, D.C. for the peaceful People’s Convoy protest today.

They circled the beltway yesterday for practice and they’re back again, vowing to stay a while. A quick check of the only current alleged YouTube live stream shows the hamster wheel and a whole bunch of comments on government censorship of right wing media. We used to have Freedom of Speech but that went out of style when the globalist New World Order took over.

One thing you can be certain about is that if we do have one world government, Joe Biden isn’t in charge of it. He’s not even fully in charge of Washington D.C. With approval ratings in the toilet, he’s toxic to Democrats. Nobody wants his endorsement.

Even so, Republicans can’t sit back and rest, thinking they have this next election locked up solid. The only way any politician will earn the support of conservative voters is earning it through very vocal support of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Sasnak’s feed just officially bit the dust and we’re looking for a fresh stream…

Speaking in Orlando, Florida, Noem spelled it out. “I think Republicans and conservatives need to focus on where we’re going, what’s our vision for the future.” We need to fight for the Constitution and American Rule of Law as fiercely as the citizens are defending Ukraine. She’s already Governor of South Dakota and aspires to rise higher someday.

This year, she only wants to get re-elected governor. “We all know that Joe Biden’s a terrible president. We all know that he’s wrecking this country and that we’re against 99.9 percent of what he’s doing to destroy our freedoms. But we need to talk about what we stand for as well and what we embrace, how special of a gift this country is, and how we want to protect that for the next generation.

Limited government

When Noem served in the House, she was a vocal supporter of “limited government,” constantly reminding voters that “the power’s with the people.” Our Constitution wanted to make it hard for lawmakers to pass legislation.

They knew the bloat would grow way out of control if left unchecked. “We’re going to keep taxes low, keep regulations low, give them opportunities to be successful and to partner where appropriate.

The best and easiest way to Make America Great Again is to do things more the way the folks in South Dakota do them and less like how it’s done in Oregon or Illinois.

For me, it is just telling the story of South Dakota. We have the No. 1 economy in the country. We’re growing, our people are thriving, they’re happier, and it’s because we’ve been following conservative principles.” The ones set up in the Constitution.

Flash forward to today where our freedom of speech is suppressed into oblivion. Not only is Sasnak still off the air, there isn’t a single livestream of the patriotic truckers, as they peacefully and lawfully circle the beltway in support of the Constitution.

Reports from Sunday’s ride came in that as the head of the convoy made it back around to the starting point, they ran into the tail of the convoy pulling out to get started. Of course, the convoy had been spread out and mixed into traffic but they all tried to keep each other at least in sight the whole way. That means a full 64 mile long parade of protest. Maybe they aren’t circling the beltway three lanes deep as Earl Conlon once envisioned, but they did manage to loop it around once. Like the lasso of a vigilante.

Well, well, Sasnak looks like he’s back but that was YouTube smoke and mirrors misdirection. It was the chopped video from 3 hours ago marked as fresh in the last seven minutes. Now why would they do that? On the subject of increasing censorship from Big Tech, Noem told CPAC, “Congress ‘can take action,’ citing Section 230 as something lawmakers can revisit.

She also “praised those who’ve spoken up and pushed back against the ‘persecution‘ of individuals on various platforms.” All in all, one thing all conservatives can agree on is that we need to save the Constitution.

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