Trump Makes a Stand at the Alamo

President Donald Trump flew down to Alamo, Texas on Tuesday to make a stand for conservatives while celebrating the milestone of completing 450 miles of border wall. Despite tensions being described as “dangerously high” ahead of his scheduled visit, the event was small, quiet, and went off without a single incident. President Trump continues to urge disappointed deplorables to remain peaceful and allow a smooth transition to a Biden administration.

A last stand at the Alamo

When Democrats heard that President Donald Trump was headed to the Alamo to make a speech, after he’s been banned for life on Twitter and is temporarily suspended on virtually every other platform, they expected him to make a scene.

President Trump disappointed them by focusing on the dangers of illegal immigration instead. Liberal networks didn’t like what they were hearing so quickly chopped him off to cover the charade of an FBI press conference.


While President Trump took a stand at the Alamo on the need for secure borders, A very nervous pair of FBI officials made a statement saying that they were investigating all of the barbarians who invaded the Capitol, without giving any specifics as to what they have learned so far.

What was conspicuously absent was any mention of the link to “Q-Anon.” The FBI doesn’t want to talk about that, because they might end up investigating themselves.

When President Trump arrived at the Alamo stretch of wall, he looked it over for inspection and chatted with some of the officials from Customs and Border Patrol.


When he took the microphone, he proudly declared that his “signature project has saved countless lives and billions of tax dollars.” He quickly warned that Joe Biden “will erode American security” starting on day one. The migrant caravans are already lining up, expecting the red carpet to be rolled back out soon.

A psychological warfare operation

President Trump, Speaking from near the historic Alamo, denied any responsibility for last week’s riot, which could turn out to be a specially engineered Psychological Warfare Operation, carried out by Deep State elements within our own government. It seems that PSY-OPs Captain Emily Rainey bused a group of 100 of her “friends” to Washington for the riot.

They weren’t involved in any of the chaos, she asserts. That may be true for direct involvement but Americans will be following her story for a long while to find out what kind of indirect involvement she may have had.

On Tuesday, President Trump applied his signature to a plaque attached to the border barrier near Alamo declaring it the section which completes 450 miles of security wall.

“We inherited a broken, dysfunctional and open border. Everybody was pouring in at will,” President Trump announced. He went on to insist it saved “hundreds of billions of dollars a year” by “keeping out narcotics and immigrants who displace American workers, abuse the welfare system and strain school and hospital budgets.”

Liberals didn’t like what Trump had to say from Alamo about how all of that is destined to return under Joe Biden’s watch. “smugglers and coyotes are preparing to surge the border” when Biden loosens restrictions.

Rosa Rodriguez was on hand to “defend the best president we’ve ever had.” She reportedly “held a crucifix toward the Biden supporters, saying she hoped it would take the devil stuck in these people.”

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