Another HUGE Nostradamus Prediction Has Come True

Nostradamus has left people fascinated and speechless with his predictions for many centuries now.

And while he may have originally foretold these predictions bac in the early 1500s, many believe they are very close to modern day events.

Now as we enter the new year of 2023, Nostradamus’ predictions are currently being consulted to peer into the future to see what the year might hold.

After the accurate prediction of Queen Elizabeth’s death in 2022, the sales of ‘Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for the Future’ have increased.

It’s crazy to think that this famous sixteenth-century French astrologer, who had first documented his predictions in his book titled ‘Centuries’ in 1555, predicted the death of the Queen over 450 years ago. 

Released in 2005, Mario Reading’s ‘Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for the Future’ is supposedly the only book that exclusively deals with the astrologer’s prophecies.

According to the Daily Mail, a week before the Queen’s death the book had only sold 5 copies.

Fast forward to the week after the Queen’s death up until September 17 and a total of 8,000 copies were sold, pushing the book back to the top of the charts.

AWM reported:

Nostradamus is sometimes referred to as the “Prophet of Doom” because his predictions often result in catastrophic events like war and death. Although it is impossible to say whether Nostradamus’s cryptic text accurately guesses the events of the modern world, many people still find it fun to buy his book and read the predictions the French philosopher and doctor made back during his days treating people during the Black Death.

One famous prediction of the Nostradamus is the prediction of climate change. In 1555, he predicted that the world’s climates would warm up and that the soaring temperatures would “half cook” all the fish in the ocean.

“Because of the solar heat on the sea/ Of Euboea the fishes half cooked/ the inhabitants will come to cut them/When the biscuit will fail Rhodes and Genoa.”



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