Matt Gaetz Blows the Lid on ‘Secret’ GOP Group

Representative Matt Gaetz, one of the last true conservatives in Congress left fighting for the conservative base, has revealed that there has been a secret group of Republicans working against President Trump throughout his presidency.

Matt Gaetz is concerned that these RINOs could be planning to join in the Democrats’ effort to impeach President Trump.

“There has secretly been an anti-Trump caucus in the Republican Party in Washington for a while. And I’m concerned that folks like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger and others might view this as an opportunity,” he told Fox News host Jesse Waters.

Both President Trump and Representative Gaetz have criticized Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney as a neocon that supports endless war. They also have begun criticizing RINO Representative Adam Kinzinger for publically supporting invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office.

Whatever these two RINOs may personally think about President Trump, it is obvious that average conservatives still support the president, and are against the idea of impeaching him or removing him from office. From this, it is obvious that Cheney and Kinzinger are betraying their base to gain recognition from the radical left and the establishment.

“The reason Democrats are talking about impeachment is because their hatred of President Trump is really the only thing that unifies this current constituency of Democrats. The Ilhan Omar/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Democrats have very little in common with the Nancy Pelosi/Joe Biden Democrats other than a dislike of President Trump. So they are trying to keep together what is likely otherwise an ungovernable coalition on these absurd grounds,” Matt Gaetz said.

“But the tragedy is it will harm the country. But they don’t care if something hurts the country if it helps them consolidate and take power, and that is totally the mood of the Democrats as we have this discussion,” he added.

Representative Gaetz went on to say that what he and his colleagues did, by objecting to the Electoral College votes of certain states riddled with evidence of fraud and irregularities, was enshrined in the Constitution. “And for that, we got called a bunch of seditious traitors by the mainstream media and our Democrat colleagues,” he said.

“It seems like Democrats only seek unity on their terms,” Gaetz continued.

At the current time, several Republicans in Congress have shown their true RINO nature by joining Democrats in their call to impeach President Trump.

Among them are Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, who complained to a left-wing news outlet, saying “I want him to resign. I want him out. He has caused enough damage.”

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse has joined Murkowski, saying that he would “definitely consider” voting to convict the president in the Senate.

“The House, if they come together and have a process, I will definitely consider whatever articles they might move because, as I’ve told you, I believe the President has disregarded his oath of office,” he said to CBS News.

Who is there in the Republican Party that the base can actually trust? The majority of elected Republicans have betrayed their base on at least one occasion. It seems that primary challenges to these RINOs may be the only solution to rebuilding the party into one that actually fights for its constituents.

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