Truly Sickening Display Goes Viral Out of Democrat Controlled Illinois

Nearly the entire Prairie Du Pont Volunteer Fire Department quit en masse. The Illinois fire fighters were furious over the sickening display of liberalism which ended up with a convicted arsonist being named Chief of their department.

Illinois arsonist Fire Chief

You can say Jerame Simmons is an expert on fires. At least in setting them. He happened to be sitting at the table, when the Prairie Du Pont Volunteer Fire Protection District Board of Trustees fired Volunteer Fire Chief John Rosencranz, without giving a reason.

The Illinois firefighters were startled to hear the news.

The board has no explanation for the citizens of East Carondelet, Illinois, other than they promoted the Assistant Chief of the Prairie Du Pont Volunteer Fire team.

The trustees put out an official statement on Facebook saying it had become apparent to the board, “over the last several months that a change in the Fire Department’s leadership is needed.” They figured who better to put in charge of fighting fires than someone convicted of starting them.

As soon as the controversy hit the headlines, every town firefighter in the state of Illinois went ballistic. The board admits “their choice to replace the popular Chief Rosencranz quickly became a huge problem.”

It appears the only reason the arsonist got the job is because he “is the son of Herb Simmons, the long-time director of the St. Clair County Emergency Management Agency.”

A long time ago

Sure, Simmons is a convicted arsonist, his supporters soothe, but that happened a long time ago. Twenty years, in fact. It’s okay because liberal Democrat Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has since pardoned him. He was “18 when he set the fires,” he admits.

He “pleaded guilty to arson after setting fire to a vacant home and setting a small fire in Dupo High School.” He’s no longer a firebug, he insists. He just likes to watch and be in the middle of them.

Since Simmons likes playing with fire so much, why not put him in charge of them, the board reasoned. Illinois is going to have a real hard time trying to find crews to work with him. The governor’s pardon isn’t “good enough for the firefighters on the department that he will be heading and some members of the community he will serve.”

Nobody is going to go running into a burning building if they have to stop to wonder if their boss was the one who started it. Talk about job security.

“It’s a pardon. Still, the town remembers the school being set on fire,” Prairie Du Pont Volunteer Fire Captain Laura Rosencranz, wife of the now-former chief, recalls. “The town remembers the house set on fire where we had firefighters fall and be injured.” They remember things like that a long time in Illinois.

“As soon as the board appointed Simmons to acting chief, firefighters rose from their seats and began turning in gear right in the meeting room along with their resignations.” Ten out of the thirteen. Former Chief Rosencranz is justifiably upset. “I think it’s appalling and disgusting. We’re not going to have the adequate protection here. It’s not going to be as it should be here. I’m kind of blindsided but not. I knew it was coming, but I didn’t expect it to be a couple of days before Christmas.”

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