Trucking Company Founder RIPS Electric Vehicles {WATCH}

Ok folks, I am going to start spitting some truth at you about electric vehicles.

They are just not there yet. They aren’t gonna be there for a long time. For starters, the infrastructure isn’t here yet in terms of these charging stations. Sure, they are in places in big cities and all that; but what about Small Town, USA?

Give you an example. About six months ago the wife and I went on a driving trip to look at the leaves in the area near where I grew up in northern Michigan. We had to stop for gas a couple of times once we got into Michigan, which is par for the course.

We didn’t exactly have a hard time finding a gas station along the way. We spent a couple of nights in the town I grew up in and I can tell you something, that little corner of heaven did not have one single electric vehicle charging station.

Now, say I got an electric car from the rental place at the airport. What would I have done had I not known about the lack of charging stations in my hometown?

Why folks, I would have been, as the kids say, screwed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still think that electric vehicles have their place in society; like those electric bikes and all that. I actually own one that I use when the weather is nice and it’s a short around the corner trip.

I wouldn’t take the electric bike on a sightseeing trip through northern Michigan is what I am saying.

Yet liberals are trying to foist these electric cars on us as if they are actually ready to be used be the masses.

It’s like watching someone bake a birthday cake halfway, then putting the candles in it. Smart people know when something isn’t ready.

Chace Barber is the founder and truck driver of Edison Motors. He recently made a statement regarding his hybrid fleet of vehicles and why he hasn’t gone all the way to all electric trucks.

The guy makes some pretty valid points. He mostly lines up with my theory of going all electric is something that might be a good idea in the future, but is definitely not ready yet.

There are plenty of things that are good ideas, they just need more time to develop instead of being pushed on us.

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