Joe Admits He is Struggling to Make Decisions

The Biden-Harris regime is faltering as Biden has proven that he is unable to make even the most fundamental decision as Commander-In-Chief. The Whitehouse now says that it will be “tough” for them to live up to the Diplomatic commitments made by the Trump Administration.

The Associated Press reports,

“Biden says that it will be “tough” for the U.S. to meet a May 1 deadline to withdraw troops from Afghanistan but that the complete drawdown won’t take much longer.

The deadline to end America’s longest war six weeks from now was set under an agreement reached by former President Donald Trump and the Taliban, without the buy-in of the Afghan government.”

According to “Biden, in an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that aired Wednesday, said he was consulting with allies on the pace of the drawdown. Of meeting the May 1 deadline, he said it “could happen, but it is tough.” If the deadline is extended, he added, it won’t be by “a lot longer.”


Trump Was Keeping His Promise By Enforcing His Decision

According to the peace agreement negotiated by the Trump administration with the Taliban,

“The United States, its allies, and the Coalition will take the following measures in the first one hundred thirty-five (135) days:
1) They will reduce the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan to eight thousand six hundred (8,600) and proportionally bring reduction in the number of its allies and Coalition forces.
2) The United States, its allies, and the Coalition will withdraw all their forces from five (5) military bases.”

That deadline which falls May 1st is rapidly approaching, and even in the waning days of his Administration, President Trump was steadfast in working to follow through on his decision to not only the Afghanis but to the American people: to finally end the “ridiculous endless wars” in the middle-east.

As CNBC reported in 2020,


“the United States brokered a peace deal with the Taliban that would usher in a permanent cease-fire and reduce the U.S. military’s footprint from approximately 13,000 to 8,600 by mid-July. And by May 2021, all foreign forces would leave the war-torn country.”

The Biden-Harris regime has repeatedly said that they share Trump’s goal to end the Afghanistan war Ned Price, a State Department spokesman, declared Monday, adding:

“We are working with the international community, including in Pakistan, including the actors in [the Qatari capital of] Doha [that houses the Taliban’s political office] … to encourage progress on the Afghan peace process, including progress towards a political settlement and comprehensive cease-fire.

This was in many ways the goal of the last administration. This is the goal that we continue to work towards today.”

Should Biden fail in this effort due to his inability to make a decision and fecklessness, it will create an international incident, renew hostilities in Afghanistan scuppering any chance of peace and ultimately betraying one of the very few bi-partisan demands of the American people: to bring our troops home.

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