Karen Had a Problem With This Woman Washing Her Car in a Bikini

It’s no secret that the term “Karen” is used to describe an entitled, obnoxious woman who frequently causes trouble.

But one woman recently had her own unique experience with a Karen and it made for quite the birthday present.

The woman in question (@seasonaldepression_) posted a video on TikTok of her washing her car while wearing a bikini and baseball cap.

She recounted how there was a Karen standing across the street, watching her intently.

The caption read “Had a main character moment today” followed by an emoji of someone standing.

As if to emphasize the absurdity of the situation, she added some background music that went “I’m just a girl, I’m just a girl in the world” which could be interpreted as either humorous or sarcastic depending on your view point.

The clip quickly went viral with over 4 million views and many funny comments from users all around the world.

Many people expressed support for this brave act in the comments section with one user saying “I’ve never supported anything more” which got lots of likes from other viewers.

Others offered their own interpretations as to why this particular Karen seemed so upset about seeing someone having fun and enjoying themselves in public: “She mad she olddddd” said one person while another suggested that they ask if she was enjoying the show or making them feel uncomfortable?

So do you see an issue or do we think the Karen was taking things too far?

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