Young Boy Dies and Comes Back With a Message From God… [VIDEO]

It is often said that miracles do happen.

The story of Landon Whitley is one such example. On October 19th, 1997, tragedy struck the family as an ambulance collided with their car at an intersection.

While his father died instantly on impact, Landon and his mother were both critically injured in the accident.

Despite all odds being against them, a miracle happened – not only did he survive but he was completely unharmed.

Today we will be taking a look at this remarkable story of faith and hope in the face of tragedy to see how a miracle can occur when you least expect it.

On that fateful day in October 1997, Landon Whitley was riding home from church with his parents when disaster struck.

His mother Julie Kemp recalled the tragic events saying “I didn’t see what he was yelling at. I didn’t see the ambulance coming but I remember him yelling; that was the last thing I heard from him” referring to her husband Andy who died instantly on impact after they were broadsided by an ambulance returning to its station at an intersection.

Despite suffering massive head trauma during the accident and being left in a coma for two weeks afterwards, rescuers were able to stabilize Julie while miraculously finding Landon alive despite not seeing his body due to debris from the collision blocking it from view.

After intensive resuscitation efforts alongside being life-flighted away for further treatment, they managed to bring him back twice before fully reviving him – however doctors warned Julie that if he survived then he would have been like an infant due to brain damage suffered during the incident.

Unfortunately while her son fought for his life in hospital Julie had to also lay her husband to rest at a funeral where she admits feeling abandoned by God ironically enough while still praying as hard as ever for her son’s survival saying “I don’t understand why He didn’t send angels us protect us …but in very next breath I’m praying as hard Him than ever before my life for Landon live”.

Thankfully though fortune favored them once again – despite doctors expecting otherwise her son awoke after two weeks of unconsciousness and remarkably there were no signs of any sort of injury!

Even more miraculous than the recovery itself however was what came afterwards – upon regaining consciousness Landon said he returned with a message from Jesus.

Apparently Jesus told him to go back to earth and spread His word around the world and encourage others to believe.

Landon’s incredible story provides valuable lesson us all – despite whatever hardships may come our way if keep faith alive and never give up even if it seems impossible we will eventually be rewarded with miracles of unimaginable proportions.

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