Governor Gavin Newsom Makes Guilty Confession in Attempt to Save His Image

In a desperate attempt to rehabilitate his image of being an absolute tyrant during the pandemic times, California Governor Gavin Newsom has finally decided to come clean on his state’s response to the pandemic.

During a recent interview with Chuck Todd, Newsom he had learned a lot of vital lessons as well as humility.

But does this hold up to scrutiny?

In his interview, Todd brought up a critical piece from Harper’s Magazine about Newsom’s decisions that highlighted the disconnect between elites and the populace.

Namely, while California allowed movie industry production to continue during lockdowns, it did not allow people to gather together for funerals or worship services.

Todd asked Newsom how he responds to this criticism.

The governor responded with “a lot of humility” and admitted that collective wisdom had evolved since then as everyone is now an expert in hindsight.

He went on to talk about bringing experts together across the spectrum who both supported and opposed their actions – yet conveniently failed to mention any of those critics who were censored or de-platformed for pointing out errors in policy from early on in the pandemic.

It appears that all criticism was dismissed within a prism of ideology rather than fact-based discourse which would have been beneficial for all Californians throughout this process.

When prompted for what he would have done differently, Newsom gave vague answers such as having a better understanding of outdoor vs indoor transmission as well as mask wearing guidelines like N95s or KN95s (without elaborating).

He also commented on prioritization when it came to vaccine distribution but didn’t give concrete examples either way – perhaps because there were ample scientific literature available from the beginning demonstrating low risk outdoors and thus never any need for “Covid passports” nor masks stopping airborne viruses or social distancing being necessary at 6 feet apart.

It appears then that despite acknowledging mistakes, Newsom isn’t owning up enough considering what was knowable even back then thanks largely to scientists’ efforts.

Finally, Newsom blamed health becoming partisanized when it should be alarming us all – yet again failing to mention that politicians politicized health first by implementing policies without taking into account criticisms which could have improved them much earlier on.

All this suggests an attempt by him at rehabilitating himself instead of truly coming clean about pandemic response.

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