Jason Aldean Epic Pro-America Speech At Concert, Crowd Explodes With “USA” Chant [VIDEO]

Jason Aldean’s Cincinnati concert was met with enormous support from his audience after a week of controversy about his new song “Try That In A Small Town”.

He directly addressed the crowd during the show and made an epic pro-America rant that left them cheering wildly.

During a break in the concert, Jason Aldean took the opportunity to share his emotions about recent criticism he had received regarding the song.

He confessed that it had been a long week and expressed how he wanted to protect his country and family.

The passionate speech was met with huge approval as loud cheers filled the room and they began chanting “USA! USA! USA!”

The single has seen great success on Spotify – entering its top 50 chart at number 6 – even after CMT removed its music video earlier this week.

It has now become one of Country Music’s most popular songs, reaching number 2 on Spotify’s list of Country songs and surpassing Luke Combs’ “Fast Car” which had been at the top for some time.

On iTunes too, “Try That In A Small Town” is currently one of their highest purchased singles while Austin Moody’s “I’m Just Sayin'” has also jumped into their top 10 list at number 7.

Jason Aldean’s concert was truly an emotional moment for all Republicans who were present there or watching from home, as they saw him proudly defend America against any criticism it might face.

It was a reminder to everyone that no matter what happens our country will always remain united in times of hardship .

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