This Diabolical Method Allows Them to COMMIT MURDER

An Arizona abortion clinic, confronted with the overturn of Roe v. Wade and the effective reinstatement of an 1864 abortion ban, has developed a diabolical method to continue committing infanticide.

According to The Guardian, under a new arrangement concocted by Camelback Family Planning in Phoenix effective Oct. 3:

  • Women seeking abortions will be given an ultrasound in Arizona.
  • They’ll get a prescription for an abortifacient pill via a tele-health doctor in California.
  • The prescription will be filled by a mail-order pharmacy and shipped to a PO Box in a California border town.
  • And all of this… is for free.
  • The patient then returns to the Phoenix clinic for a follow-up ultrasound about a week later.

When an Arizona Judge ruled in favor of Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s argument that the law passed by the territorial legislature in 1864 and recodified in 1901 is still active, abortion in all cases except to save the life of the mother was effectively banned.

According to USA Today, the penalty for violating the law is two to five years in prison for anyone providing an abortion.

Ashleigh Feiring, a nurse at the clinic, argued to The Guardian “We’re not providing abortions,” explaining, “We’re just giving people information.”

Feiring told the publication that the abortion pills that are effective up to 12 weeks are covered by the Abortion Fund of Arizona, a non-profit formed to help women pay for out-of-state abortions.

The Guardian reported that according to Planned Parenthood of Arizona, “a team of patient navigators” will be helping patients.

If they cannot afford the costs of the new process, such as “travel, lodging, childcare and other needs,” either Planned Parenthood or the two Arizona-based abortion funds will cover the costs for them.

“It’s doing everything that we have within our power to break down those barriers to care,” Brittany Fonteno, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood said.

In a statement posted to Twitter by KPNX-TV host Brahm Resnick, Fonteno characterized AG Brnovich as an “extremist.”

Planned Parenthood was the largest provider in the state of Arizona before the ban took effect.

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