FOIA: FDA Bought ‘Fresh’ Livers of Viable Babies Killed in Abortions

Yes, it’s true. The FDA really did buy a whole bunch of “fresh” baby livers, from fetuses killed in Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. American tax dollars really are subsidizing the baby killing industry and the Joe Biden regime likes it.

FDA funds murder

Eating veal isn’t illegal yet but PETA is working hard on it. Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration has been cornering the market on human baby meat and they only want the best.

In one order they placed with their supplier of the “other,” other white meat, the FDA made it crystal clear they only wanted “fresh and never frozen” second-trimester baby meat. What they wanted it for is even scarier.

Judicial Watch got their hands on a collection of documents which indicate that Dr. Deep State was in on it too.

The FOIA request unearthed a treasure chest of records connecting the abortion industry with “the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health and taxpayer-funded scientific research.” One really juicy email came from an FDA contract specialist.

The FDA official was asking for a current market quote on choice cuts of baby meat. They needed some “tissue” to be used in experiments involving “humanized mice.” Gnarf.

The creature on the other end of that email exchange is a minion of Advanced Bioscience Resources, described as “a human tissue procurement group that works with Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities.” They take the term “headhunters” to new levels of extreme.

Fresh and never frozen

It’s a proven fact that on June 28, 2017, the FDA wanted a price for “16 livers and 16 thymuses from second-trimester aborted babies.” The requisition specified “that the babies’ bodies must be ‘free of known chromosomal abnormalities’ and ‘fresh and never frozen.'”

They were looking for a regular supply too. It makes people wonder if they’re feeding those humanized mice to the reptilians in the mother ship or something. The Food and Drug Administration wanted livers and thymuses “approximately two to three times per month.”

The FDA mouse designers were adamant that the organs had to be “from babies between 16 and 24 weeks of pregnancy.”

The reason, they explained is because babies “are viable outside the womb by about 22 weeks, so some of the aborted babies whose organs were harvested may have been viable outside the womb.” Some say the reptilians aren’t just eating the mice and they like a tasty snack of baby liver once in a while.

Over at the FDA they learned to avoid feeling squeamish about their work by using carefully chosen vocabulary. they call the baby meat “tissue” and refuse to acknowledge where it comes from. They slip up though by mentioning the meat has “mothers.” They wrote that up in the email also.

The anonymous contract specialist wrote, “No tissues where the mother is known to be positive for HIV or for Hepatitis A, B, or C viruses,” and later talked about “maternal blood.” They still manage to sleep well at night knowing that those mothers had their unborn babies killed so they could be “dissected, labeled with a price tag and shipped to scientific researchers.” Not only that, the FDA does it with taxpayer money.

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