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Chris Wallace Finally Admits!

Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace spoke with the “Fox News Rundown” podcast on Friday about reports of Facebook and Twitter restricting users from sharing a series of bombshell New York Post reports surrounding Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings.

Chris Wallace stated that the big tech platforms’ censorship of the stories “really strikes me as smacking of Big Brother.”

“I’ve got a real problem with that. I think you’re either in or you’re out. And when I say that, either it’s the Wild West and you post everything — and I can understand the concern about that after what happened in 2016 with Russian disinformation — or you put everything out there and if you have a problem with some of it … then put a word on there to your users and say, ‘We can’t confirm this story’ or ‘There’s some questions with this story.’ But to just ban it and to say, ‘Nobody is allowed to discuss this story or post this story’ — which, you know, is out there and you can’t put the genie back in the bottle, it was the front page of the New York Post — really strikes me as smacking of Big Brother,” Wallace said.

On Wednesday, the New York Post reported that it had obtained emails from a laptop that belonged to Hunter Biden, which was allegedly abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware.

One of the emails recovered from the laptop indicated that Hunter Biden had introduced an executive from Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian energy company he was on the board of, to his father Joe Biden, who was the vice president of the United States at the time of the meeting. Joe Biden has consistently denied discussing his son’s overseas business dealings with him, and the Biden campaign has denied any formal meeting with the Burisma executive took place.

Soon after the Post story was published, Facebook Policy Communications Director and former Democratic congressional staffer Andy Stone announced that Facebook would be “reducing its distribution on our platform.”

Twitter followed Facebook’s example, and started blocking users from sharing the Post story, citing a violation of the platform’s “Hacked Materials Policy.”

On Friday, Wallace said that the moves by these big tech platforms had “backfired because … it has created not just a story about the story, but a story about how big [social] media giants are.”

Wallace went on to describe the Post report as “very sketchy.”

“Not saying it’s not true, but it seems to me it needs a lot of investigation. The guy who ran the computer store is supposedly legally blind, he’s not sure who even came in with the computers. He says that, although the story keeps changing, that he gave it to the FBI last December. But, you know, they’re not confirming that,” he added.

“Now, he’s saying that he gave it to Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer. Rudy Giuliani is not the most independent source on all this stuff. So I think it’s absolutely worth investigating, but I’m not sure I’d even go with it at this point,” Wallace continued.

  1. Based upon zero actual evidence the media hounded Trump relentlessly about colluding with the Russian government to get elected-every branch of the media ran like hell with this story that suggested Trump was a Russian spy. Conveniently, now the shoe is on the other foot, but the masters of truth refuse to tell the story because the evidence is merely the size of a mountain. The media’s claim is to tell only the truth (as determined by themselves), so I find it odd that what happens is that they end up telling only lies. With almost 100% accuracy, I can claim that if any member of the media (or the Democrat Party, for that matter) says anything about Trump you can bet the house that it’s a pack of lies. And, not all of these lies are benign-for instance, their lies about the usefulness and efficacy of using hydroxychloroquine to treat covid has resulted in approximately 175,000 unnecessary deaths of covid patients and there is plenty of data to back it up. None of the media should be given a pass on this level of carnage. The DNC and their propagandists should pay big.

  2. Chris Wallace continues to disgrace himself. He has passed the point of embarrassment. What Wallace did as the commentator of the first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden was an outrage to say the least. He has chosen a self-destructive course for his career and is too arrogant and clearly elitist to even consider that. He’s destroyed what little relevance and credibility that he has. We get it he hates President Trump and he totally supports Pelosi and the rest of the socialist/communist Democrats, the corrupt biased lying fake news media, the corrupt biased lying fake news media (of which he is an Intercal part) and the big money socialists/anarchists who are trying to destroy the US and the American people. Wallace needs to take his head out of his own butt for five minutes and get a reality check that because of his actions and behavior it’s clear to everyone that he has no credibility, relevance, integrity, honesty, Ethics, empathy, humanity and decency. He has literally destroyed what little career he had left.

  3. And Chris, we are not sure that Hunter even visited China….that hunter was on the board of Burisma… that Joe was Vice president…., that Joe had the prosecutor fired by threatening to with hold loan guarantees to Ukraine….BUT we do know that Trump colluded with Russia….Hillary accidently “lost” 33,000 e-mails of wedding pictures/yoga….had a fling with Stormy Daniels….amazing how the Trump stories managed to always pass the “fact checkers” at ALL the news media outlets…. HUH

  4. You can not trust anything comingn out of Wallace’s mouth. He is a NEVER TRUMPER who attempts to hide from that fact.

    I believe the FBI chief, Chris Wray, has a lot to answer for immediately. He has had the Hunter Biden hard drive for a YEAR!!! Chris Wray needs to be fired asap.

  5. Trump didn’t have anything to do with hunters laptop being discovered and yes I believe everything in it is Hunters devious life and yes his father knows everything and is guilty of crimes against the USA…treason for sure…..

  6. Chris Wallace the pinnacle example of a corrupt journalist, at least one who claims to be a journalist, which his dishonesty denies him the right to be called as such.

    How many times did Chris Wallace report on the “Russian Collusion” story, which proved to be a complete hoax instigated and actually paid for by the political opposition (which was a known fact), and an attempted set-up to destroy a duly elected President, which there never was any actual proof of the accusations, yet Chris Wallace reported on it anyway.

    Now Chris Wallace claims Biden’s apparent discrepancies shouldn’t be reported on without more proof and an in-depth investigation, that will take more than a year, while the Presidential election is less than three weeks away, and a lying crook could be elected our next President, one who Chris Wallace supports.

    Chris Wallace claims to be a member of a “Free Press”, yet how can a press be free when it is owned by one political party, just as the Russian media was owned by the Russian Communist Party, so the American media is owned by the Democrat Party, the first forced through political intimidation, the latter voluntarily through political ideology.

  7. So what’s so different from this one compared to everything else the delusional democrats do and lie about . What they can’t lie about they cover up like this BS their doing right now . Guess they don’t want their snow flakes crying at the sky already . Don’t worry they will be crying at the sky again in 16 days . But they don’t want them crying now , not befor the elections . Give them no hope to win again . They just can’t win one for the gipper . The real people wont let that happen . Think I’ll start selling crying towels on the inter net

  8. Tonight Oct 18, 2020 at 8:00PM EST, on Fox News; Mark Levin will be interviewing Rudy Guilliani for an hour about Hunter Biden, the laptop, and the corruption.

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