Yet ANOTHER Dem Election Supervisor Charged With Election Tampering!

They Caught Her Red Handed

A county election supervisor has officially been charged with election tampering for her actions while she served as the Flint Township clerk in 2020.

On Friday, March 11th, former Flint township clerk and current Genessee County elections supervisor Kathy Funk ⁠— a Democrat ⁠— was charged with felony counts of ballot tampering and misconduct in the office, which allege that she broke open or violated the seals or locks of a ballot box used in the August 2020 primary election before the final results of the election had been determined.

Funk not only oversaw that August 2020 primary election in the township, but was also a Democrat candidate running for re-election as the clerk.

Last week, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel finally announced the charges against Funk. It’s curious that it took her this long to announce those charges, but apparently she was busy. Looking back at her past, it’s no wonder she didn’t have time.

100PercentFedup was calling out Michigan’s lawless attorney general back in 2018:

In 2018, the legalization of marijuana was placed on the ballot in Michigan. Thanks to all of the young voters who showed up in large numbers to vote for the legalization of weed, all three of Michigan’s dirtiest and most dishonest elected officials, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, and Attorney General Dana Nessel, won their seats.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is one of the most lawless, partisan, incompetent, and embarrassing elected officials in the United States of America.  The man-hating, lesbian Democrat activist actually ran a campaign ad during prime time on local television stations promoting her as the best candidate for attorney general because you could “trust” her to “not show you” her “penis.”

The photo below was taken at the largest sporting event of the year in Michigan, the MSU vs. UM football game. AG Nessel was so drunk in the stadium filled with tens of thousands of fans she had to be removed in a wheelchair.

Clearly, Nessel has her own problems to deal with and didn’t have time to do her job.

Daily Mail provided more details of the charges against Funk:

She ran as a Democrat and held onto her position until November when she announced she was taking a job as elections supervisor in the Genesee County Clerk-Register John Gleason’s office.

Funk has kept her job at the county despite a Michigan State Police investigation into her conduct in August 2020.

She is due back in Genesee District Court on Monday when her attorney Matthew Norwood said she will plead not guilty to the charges against her.

If convicted, she faces up to 10 years in prison.

The Epoch Times reports that Funk purposely broke the seal on a container for ballots:

Nessel alleged that Funk purposely broke a seal on a container for ballots so that the votes couldn’t be totaled during an anticipated recount. She narrowly won reelection in the unofficial count, the attorney general’s office said.

AG Nessel, who frequently takes to Twitter to mock conservatives or make baseless threats against political opponents, responded to a ClickonDetroit tweet about Funk.

“Election officials must uphold the integrity of their positions. Those who abuse that commitment undermine the very foundation of our democracy. Our department is committed to prosecuting election violations, regardless of the political party of the perpetrator,” Nessel tweeted.

Source: Patriot Nation Press

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