These Death Numbers at the Border are Becoming Scary

According to medical examiners in Texas, we are already at nearly triple the typical numbers of illegal immigrant deaths, and we haven’t even reached the peak yet as temperatures at the border climb. As tepid, confusing messaging continues to flow from the Biden-Harris regime, there is no end in sight.

Last month Customs and Border Patrol Agents had encounters with over 180.000 people attempting to cross the border. May also saw the third straight month of greater than 170,000 arrests by CBP, the most seen since the first quarter of 2000. By June last year there were forty-five deaths, this year there are at least one-hundred and twenty-eight, the number has nearly tripled.

The Death Numbers Are Scary, But We Haven’t Seen Anything Yet.

ABC9 KCRG Spoke to Dr. Corinne Stern from the Webb County Medical Examiner’s Office, she told them

“Typically our biggest months are July and August. And we’re not even there yet.”

According to Dr. Stern, a majority of the deaths were due to heatstroke, hypothermia, or dehydration. “I’m saying this as a physician: there is a safer way to do this than coming across the border.” CNN’s Rosa Flores reported that Dr. Stern’s office advised that about 30% tested positive for COVID19 and for many, it was a contributing factor in their deaths.

The dire situation at our southern border has garnered massive attention from Republicans on Capitol Hill who have roundly criticized Kamala Harris for failing to journey to the region to address the situation directly, instead preferring Zoom calls and jet-setting to central America.

The New York Post reported,

“My [county] judges are asking for one thing in particular,” Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-Texas) told Newsmax. “I sit in front of them and I go, ‘If I can do one thing for you, what would that be?’ And this is the ask I’m getting. They go, ‘Tony, we need more body bags.’ And I’m going, ‘Body bags? Why do you need body bags?’ They go, ‘Migrants are dying at record numbers, and we don’t have body bags to handle the situation.’

“That’s what is happening on the ground,” Gonzales added.

Rep. Gonzales continued, lambasting the Biden-Harris regime calling Harris’ staunch refusal to visit his district “disrespectful”, he told the Post.

“It’s disrespectful to districts like mine, it’s disrespectful to the people that live and work along the border that are having to deal with this crisis every single day …,” he said. “No member of Congress has been on the border more than I have. I’ve hosted 25 members, and I’ve never gotten any word from the vice president, or anyone from the administration, that wants to take any interest in what is happening.”

Gonzales lamented that the Democrat regime “has no interest in solving this border crisis”

“Congress needs to lead again,” he said. “Congress needs to come together and find a way to solve this issue, because folks are tired of it. It’s unfair to everybody. It’s unfair to the law enforcement … it’s unfair to the citizens that are seeing these record number of migrants, and it’s unfair to the migrants. You know, these migrants are making very dangerous treks, and here’s the thing: The temperature is getting hotter, so it’s only gonna be more dangerous.”

And that’s in Texas, in Arizona: the summer hasn’t even begun yet.

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