He Lets Slip Who His Running Mate Will Be…

The race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination is heating up, with Governor Ron DeSantis having recently named Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds as a potential running mate.

He has made it clear that he intends to compete in the upcoming Iowa caucus and hopes to make a strong showing there.

This comes after his candidate forum with Tucker Carlson on Friday, where he praised Reynolds’ skills as a public servant.

In addition, Senator Joni Ernst was present at the event and endorsed his statements with her own agreement.

Former President Donald Trump continues to maintain an impressive lead in the polls among Republicans.

Despite this fact, DeSantis is still putting forth a great deal of effort into winning over voters in the state of Iowa.

With recent surveys indicating that Trump’s lead over him is widening, it seems that winning in Iowa may be his best chance at gaining some traction against the former president’s seemingly unstoppable momentum.

The strategy employed by DeSantis’ campaign involves focusing heavily on Iowa while hoping that an upset victory there would be enough to slow down Trump’s powerful march towards the nomination.

The idea is for him to win in Iowa and then take second place in New Hampshire before Nevada and South Carolina come into play, two states where his chances are much weaker due to their more conservative electorates than those of other primary states such as Arizona or Ohio.

According to Chris Stirewalt of The American Enterprise Institute, “He’s gotta have a win in the first three primaries, and Iowa is his best bet.”


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